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Client comments after their amazing fully crewed yacht vacations in the BVI's:

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BVI Charter Reviews

Exploring the islands of the British and US Virgins on a luxury crewed yachting vacation has proven to be a wonderful island experience for many clients, because of its protected, crystal blue waters and countless anchorages.

Read charter reviews below, which describe charters on all types of yachts in the VI's.

BVI yacht charters can be amazing vacations, especially aboard fully crewed Catamarans and Motor yachts. We know how to create charter experiences that exceed expectations. Just read what our clients have to say and then contact us for free advice with no obligation.

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Crewed Catamaran creview: "Rocketeer" - a BVI Charter review

"Not much can put a damper on sailing a catamaran through some of the most beautiful waters in the world. Just visiting the Virgin Islands is a trip of a life time, let alone sailing amongst them on a privately chartered boat.
All in all our family had an amazing trip. The tropical charm of the Virgin Islands was really amplified by our fantastic experience on Rocketeer. I would suggest this to all!"

Steve L. June 2013

Motor Yacht "Watershed" - a BVI Charter review

"It was the BEST vacation ever had.
It was better than expected.
Yacht was perfect. Loved Maggie's meals and never ate out once.
Made us feel like we were the owners of the boat.
Good call on the big tender too.
I can tell you and the owner run a great program."

Don B. October 2012

Crewed Catamaran "Catsy" - a BVI Charter review

"It was amazing and better than we had hoped!
All the meals were incredible and better than we had expected.
Yacht was gorgeous, spacious, and very well maintained! Everything was perfect!
Loved Jim and Amanda (crew) and the boat.
Their energy, attentiveness, and excellence in assessing and meeting our group's desires and needs was exceptional.
We couldn't have asked for or expected anything better!"

Mike P. April 2012

Motor Yacht "Seas the Moment" - a BVI Charter review

"Seas the Moment was excellent, and the Crew was outstanding.
Thanks for helping to arrange the trip."

Mark M. January 2012

Crewed Catamaran "Flying Ginny" - a BVI Charter review

"We had the most wonderful week - everything was just...wonderful.
The crew made it perfect taking us to secluded beaches and small bays
and serving us the very very best food better than any restaurant in NYC.
We are now tanned and fat but with peaceful minds."

Eva D. February 2012

Sailing Yacht "Sea of Love" - a BVI Charter review

"First time to BVI, was so happy to discover you can always find a spot to snorkel, no matter where you moor.
Most relaxing vacation of my life. Fond memories 1) beautiful spotted stingray just when I least expected it,
2) rainbows with your morning coffee, 3) sunsets perfectly positioned for your viewing pleasure.
Great sailing! First timer and BVIs were awesome. Capt. Joe included me in the sailing effort and I learned the basics."

Helene N and Jim N. Feb 2012

Crewed Catamaran "Quest" - a BVI Charter review

"Patty Wilson was so helpful and attentive through every step of this process.
Our first charter fell through as it was dry docked longer than anticipated -
so discouraging to hear that right before Christmas,
but I never doubted that she would find us a suitable alternative.
Not knowing what to expect, the beds were actually very comfortable.
Comfortable linens, good pillows, nice breezes through the hatches.
We all gained weight on this trip! The food was fantastic – simple cooking but excellent! Rhonda whips up some amazing food given her space/storage challenges and availability of products in the BVIs.
Truly felt like our home for a week."

Cathy and Davis B. Feb 2011