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We have helped clients arrange fully crewed yacht charters for many years and have acquired much information about how to book yacht charters and chose charter yachts. Posted below, you will find articles on diverse subjects related to yacht charter travel we have written over the past few years. We hope you find them useful! Check back often as we are adding articles regularly.

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Do all brokers have access to the same yachts?
How can one charter broker have access to all available yachts? Do I have to check with multiple brokers to find the best yacht.
Read more... . Written Oct 2014.

Why is Crewed Yacht Charter so Unique?
What’s so special about chartering a yacht in the Caribbean with a full crew? It's a matter of flexibility and ability to have a truly unique vacation in an ideal location.
Read more... . Written Mar 2014.

Personal Chef on a Private Yacht
Let the yacht's chef treat your tastebuds to a seafood smorgasbord on a private charter.
Read more... . Written Feb 2014.

You Were Made To Be in Pictures
Take your family on a vacation that showcases various film locations throughout the Caribbean.
Read more... . Written Jan 2014.


Let's Go Shopping!
Pick up unique, colorful Caribbean souvenirs on your next trip to the Bahamas.
Read more... . Written Dec 2013.

Make the Most of Your Vacation Time
Discover why chartering a yacht is the most relaxing way to plan and enjoy a vacation.
Read more... . Written October 2013.

Hike Your Way To a Healthy Vacation
You'll cover unknown territory on a private yacht and discover new realms on foot!
Read more... . Written October 2013.

Watch Out for the Weather!
Feel free to plan your Bahamas charter any time of year - and then pack accordingly.
Read more... . Written September 2013.

To Motor or To Sail
Motor vs. Sail! Either way you'll get an unforgettable vacation.
Read more... . Written April 2013.

Family fun on catamaran yacht charter


Where To Go in Winter
Consider the Caribbean for your off-season sabbatical.
Read more... . Written December 2012.

Yacht Charter Activities
Choosing to charter in the winter means swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, and more!
Read more... . Written October 2012.

Catamaran Charter Destinations
This article highlights possible ports of call for Catamarans chartering in the Caribbean.
Read more... . Written August 2012.

Whether To Go in Winter
Is sailing the Caribbean in the winter months the right time? If weather is bad in the north, is it also less than perfect down south?
Read more... . Written July 2012.

Independent Brokers Cut to the Chase
Use an independent broker to efficiently book a customized yacht charter.
Read more... . Written April 2012.




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