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South of France, perennially popular.
From classy Cannes to St Tropez, Monaco to Nice, and on to the quiet Villefranche and Cap Ferrat... so many posh ports, so much sun, so little time! more >
Italian Riviera, classic coastal beauty.
Along the Ligurian coast, the Italian Riviera offers a treasure-trove of picturesque ports and villages. San Remo, Portovenere, Portofino, Genoa... more >
Greece, unique history and culture.
Choose from the Ionian Islands or the Aegean Sea. Yacht charter cruising grounds include the Saronic Islands, Cyclades, Dodecanese, and Sporades. more >
Croatia, the jewel of the Dalmatian Coast.
Known as the Land of a Thousand Islands, this area begs you to charter a yacht and come explore its historic coastal towns, cities, and alcoves. more >
Turkey, your "Blue Voyage" destination.
No charter trip can offer so much history and variety of civilizations anywhere else in the world. Turkey gains popularity every year.more >

Mediterranean Yacht Charter Vacations

Mediterranean charters

A yacht lover's paradise, a yacht charter in the Mediterranean Sea will contain a cosmopolitan flavor unmatched anywhere else in the world. Mediterranean yacht charter holidays are booked with either East or West itineraries.

Private yacht charters in the West Mediterranean are more popular, provide a wider choice of yachts, and offer many "see and be seen" locations in the French and Italian Rivieras such as Cannes, Monaco, and Nice.

Transportation, accommodations, shopping, and nightlife in the western Mediterranean are generally more developed and support a higher volume of tourism. That's not to diminish the eastern Mediterranean, however, which offers a fantastic change of pace and wonderfully exotic scenery combined with tastes of truly ancient history.

Charter destinations in the eastern mediterranean include Croatia, Greece, and Turkey whose harbors are uniquely rich. Fewer yachts plus more remote locations equal a true sense of adventure. Going east will be well worth it!

A few sample Charter Yachts in the Mediterranean

Charter yacht Charter yacht Charter yacht

MONTECRISTO Ultimate Italian experience on this motor sailor. 4 cabins, Steel hull, teak bridge, mahogany interior.
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CHE Room for 8 guests on a 114' modern sailing catamaran.
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CAMARA C Classic yacht which is perfect for events in the Mediterranean.
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Charter yacht Charter yacht Charter yacht

STARFIRE Complete proven performer with many repeat clients, one of the best crews around.
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GRAN BLEU VINTAGE Four cabins for guests, this 95' sailing yacht charters in Western mediterranean.
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MARY JEAN 12 guests with all the popular amenities, available for charter in Mediterranean.
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The most popular yacht charter Mediterranean destinations?

There are two main areas of the Mediterranean.

West Mediterranean charters

Mediterranean charters


The French Riviera is home to the world's most rich and famous and attracts party goers and the refined elite alike. Southern France provides both the high life and tranquil relaxation. Visiting the French Riviera, you must include Cannes and Monaco in your itinerary. St. Tropez, Antibes, and Nice are very popular with the yachting set.

The Italian Riviera is famous for its small picturesque villages and towns. From the northern coast near France to the islands off Naples and on toward Sicily, there is no better view than one from the sea. Visit Portofino and Cinque Terra, the Amalfi Coast and Naples including Pompeii. Other hotspots include shopping on Capri and visiting the Blue Grotto. Don't forget Venice. After all, nothing is as centered around water as Venice!

East Mediterranean Charters

Greece charters


Charter yachts in the East Med cruise the waters of Greece, Turkey, and Croatia. Eastern Mediterranean yacht charters combine perfect blue green seas with fabled history and natural splendors. This area tends to be less touristy, and there are many ancient sites to explore. One of the world's most beautiful regions, the Aegean overflows with islands that beckon.

Visit the beautiful island of Santorini. Check out Hvar. Souvenir shop in Bodrum. Aboard your charter yacht against the setting sun, your crew will serve wine and delicious seafood dinners that reflect the local specialties. Calamari, honey, cheese, and olives. The area is more than living history; it's a delicious, sunny destination.

Types of Charter Yachts in the Mediterranean

Mediterranean Yacht Charters

Fully crewed private Mediterranean yacht charters are available on all types of yachts. Luxury mega yacht charter in the mediterranean is in high demand while crewed yacht charters on motor yachts are commonplace too. Sailing the mediterranean is always popular, although Catamarans are not as common as elsewhere.


Want to see some luxury yachts in the Mediterranean?

Private Yachts for rent in the Mediterranean:- (many more available offline)

Mega Yachts

Motor Yachts between $50,000 & $75,000

Motor Yachts between $75,000 & $100,000

Sailing yachts

Many More Available - Start Searching Here

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Greece Charters

Luxury yacht charter destinations in the Mediterranean

Interested in seeing a mediterranean yacht charter itinerary ?

We have put together some a number of ideas for you to browse. All our crewed yacht charters in the Mediterranean are planned just for you, visiting historic harbors and the countries that interest you.

Not sure which month is most suitable for your intended itinerary? We have information about what to expect weather wise for a charter in various parts of the Mediterranean: Read More >.

Why Choose International Yacht Charter Group?

Since different types of charter yachts provide different amenities, we will help you decide what is the best match for your specific needs. Privately crewed yacht charters open these coasts to you in a unique manner, allowing visits to charming small harbors and larger more popular ports alike.

Our services are available to you at no additional cost. Be sure to test our expertise in planning a holiday that exceeds your expectations! Read our client reviews where people have put their Mediterranean yacht charter experiences into words.

We specialize in one thing and one thing only - fully crewed private yacht charters. That makes us the only company you need to call to plan your Mediterranean vacation. Contact us for help arranging your charter and expert advice at no obligation to you.


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