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A Yachting Journey From The Aegean To The Ionian

Imagine taking an extended cruise through the exotic blue waters of the Aegean Sea all the way to the Ionian Sea. What would such a trip look like? For starters, you would see the west coast of Turkey and Greece's myriad easternmost islands. Then you would glide through the Corinth Canal, squeezing past the Peloponnese Peninsula, and on to Greece's west coast. Once you've made it to the Ionian Sea, you would have even more beautiful Greek islands to discover.

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If you begin in the Aegean, then you must visit Mykonos. This Greek isle is known for its festive atmosphere; be prepared for the revelry to float out to your private yacht. It's as if the narrow, confining streets on the island cause energy to be pent up until people get a chance to let it all out on an open dance floor.

Rely on small hotels and tavernas for authentic Greek food. Drink fantastic local wines. Check out the nude beaches and drag shows, if you dare. Then go to one of Mykonos' 400 churches or chapels to erase the hedonism and focus on pure thoughts of the pristine shores, heavenly bougainvilleas, and immaculate white homes on this fun, splashy island.

Carry on Through the Canal

Stay on deck as the captain dexterously steers your yacht through the Corinth Canal. Though the canal is almost 70 feet wide at water level, the passage from start to finish is extremely dramatic because rock faces stretch up a very steep 285 feet on either side of you. Over the course of the canal's four miles, you will see a road bridge and a railway viaduct crossing above you at land level.

Make Landfall Where Greece Meets Italy

The Ionian Islands off the west coast of Greece are noticeably different than their Aegean counterparts. For geographic and historical reasons, they are as much like Italy as Greece. Corfu is the second largest island of this group, and it is the most well-known. This was Odysseus' last stop on his journey home, and it will make a memorable ending to your charter too.

Corfu has Georgian mansions, Byzantine churches, and a Regency palace. Everyone enjoys a visit to the Spianda (Esplanade) with its cricket pitch and proximity to a collection of icons and mosaics. The Liston, a handsome row of arcaded commercial buildings, is also popular. Off the Esplanade, you can access the medieval section of Corfu where Venetian buildings mingle with British facades.

While making this significant trip, be sure to solicit the advice of your crew on where to get quality souvenirs, what local delicacies you should try, and which beaches you absolutely must visit. Most importantly, find ways to relax and appreciate your time on board. This particular charter is equal parts voyage and destination.

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