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Watching The Weather In The Bahamas

You'll be sitting pretty if you go prepared - Escape your home routine with a charter yacht excursion to the Bahamas! There are roughly 700 Bahamian Islands that cover an area approximately as big as California. The Bahamas’ close proximity to the United States makes them an ideal getaway for families who want an exotic location without the hassle of a long flight overseas. With some quick packing tips, a weather tutorial, and an adventurous spirit, you’ll be ready for that charter vacation to the Bahamas in no time!

What To Expect

The Bahamas are located in the northeast part of the Caribbean Sea so they are in a tropical climate. The islands in the Bahamas do not experience extremes in weather, and temperatures remain pleasant year-round. As you might expect, there can be a fair bit of humidity, which is at its peak during the summer. The sunshine and humidity are never unbearable, and you can always refresh yourself with a swim in the water anyway!

Speaking of cooling off, the Bahamas are blessed with nearly constant trade winds that temper the heat and make these islands cooler than other Caribbean islands. For you sailors out there, know that the winds are northeasterly October to April and southeasterly from May to September. New to life aboard a yacht? No need to worry! Wind speed here averages under 10 knots and should not be the cause of much consternation.


Now let’s talk temperature. The Bahamas experience over seven hours of sunshine each day! Winter temperatures get down to 60 degrees at night and hover around 75 during the day. In the summer, that daytime temperature average jumps to 85 degrees. If you check the weather in Nassau from home, you should be aware of the variations that exist. The islands to the north of Nassau are cooler; to the south, they are warmer. There can be as much as 10 degrees difference from one end to the other.

More Information And Today's Weather

Rain showers in the Bahamas are relatively brief, and they tend to clear up pretty quickly. That said, you should know that the rainy months are from May to October. The northern Bahamian islands get more rain, and the southern islands receive noticeably less rain. September to May may offer the best weather in the Bahamas, but that makes this portion of the year more popular with everyone so you might want to consider other times if your primary interest is in avoiding crowds.

How To Prepare

As you reflect on the weather conditions, you will probably start creating a mental list of what to pack. You’ll want to be prepared for a chance of rain, but make sure you bring lightweight, compact items since the majority of your time will be spent in the sun. Breathable, natural fibers such as cotton and linen are advisable, and you will want to keep your family’s comfort in mind. This should go without saying, but don’t forget the beachwear! This is an absolute must for charter guests in the Bahamas. Last bit of advice…the Bahamas are casual, but don’t embarrass yourself. Standard decorum still says to wear more than a bathing suit when visiting a restaurant. So if you want to dine in your bikini, do it on the deck of your fantastic charter yacht!

Todays forecast in the Bahamas

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