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Caribbean Cuisine Done Right

So you've decided to take your family and friends on a private charter! What are you looking forward to most? The destination, the activities, the on board bonding? Perhaps you develop a hearty appetite on vacation and prefer let your stomach do all the work! If this is the case, you won't be disappointed in the yachting experience.

Island Countdown

The yacht's crew will be familiar with your preference sheet regarding food. The crew provisions for the trip, and the chef prepares as many meals aboard as you desire. Will you request similar meals to what you eat at home, or will you let the chef take your palate on an adventure? Imagine the cocktail hour on your yacht: crab stuffed mushrooms, salmon mousse, shrimp kabobs, fresh oysters. Life at sea is very appetizing indeed!

Seafood Is Served

The Bahamas, a typical charter destination relatively near the US, is still a world away in customs and culture. Part of any country's culture is determined by its food, and the Bahamas features a seafood-heavy diet. Hopefully, you incorporate this into your charter to get a real Caribbean experience. Request a dinner of lobster rolls, fish tacos, or tuna tartar. Also commonly found on Bahamian menus are grouper, yellow tail, and red snapper. Try one, try them all!

Conch, an ocean mollusk whose large pink-lined, spiny shell houses some delicious meat inside, is ubiquitous in the Bahamas. You will find all kinds of offerings as you peruse the menus on land. Fresh conch is treated with lime juice and spices and served as a cold salad a la ceviche. Conch is also deep fried (a.k.a. “cracked conch”), made into fritters, or thrown into chowder. Ask your chef which preparation he prefers, or just let him surprise you at mealtime!

La Dolce Vita

Ah, dessert! What dining experience is complete without your sweet tooth being satisfied? Though the wine selection will counter some of the menus' savory items, you will still want to pamper your palate with proper desserts. Would you normally opt for a heavy cheesecake or a light seasonal fruit cup with a sprig of mint? How about key lime pie or lemon chiffon? Perhaps apple crumble or banana parfait? Try some mango sorbet, macadamia coconut tart, and the island-favorite guava duff, too!

While on charter, remember that working a theme into the evening can really bring cohesion to the table. For example, you could go native and eat your fish stew while drinking a Kalik beer. Think Spanish thoughts over a pitcher of Sangria and a plate of tapas. Or play the yachtsman and sip champagne while you nibble on canapes. Whatever your vacation victuals, you'll find everything tastes better from the aft deck of a yacht that overlooks a Caribbean sunset!

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