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Virgin Islands Diving

How Perfect Are The Virgin Islands for Diving?

Ever gone snorkeling while on vacation and seen from just under the surface colorful fish and corals? Imagine that experience but being floating in the water at the same depths and having these delightful creatures surround you in 360 degrees of technicolor!

Diving Highlights Of The US Virgin Islands

There are many opportunities to arrange diving if staying in the US Virgin Islands. there are even opportunities to learn to dive or to be certified if you have taken your classes at home and need open water certification. If you are a beginner you may need to allow some extra time but you can be sure these warm clear blue waters will be worth it. You are likely to find also specialist excursions specialising on rock formations, underwater photography and diving on wrecks.

Popular Local Dive Sites:

The Salt River Canyons. High on the list of places to dive by divers, here you will have the ability to wall dive - while enjoying the wall's coral and the sea life that inhabit it. Thatch Cay island, here you can find the Tunnels of Thatch, these tunnels are really more like arches but worth a visit. There should be a wide selection of of marine life amougst them. Cow & Calf rocks. These sit between St. John and St. Thomas and are visible projecting above the water's surface; Diving here you can explore various ledges and caves. Night dives. Fredericksted Pier provides novice divers the ability to experience a dive at night!
Wrecks. Check out the Navy Barges which thou underwater now were quarters for military during World War II. Rosa Maria is known to be one of the deepest dives of the five wrecks at the northwest tip of St. Croix.

St. John island is the most eco-conscious and is home to the coral gardens of Trunk and Cinnamon Bays

Diving In The British Virgin Islands

The BVI's has amazing selection of diving which rarely exceed 80 feet in depth

The Dog islands are home to dive sites such as "The chimney", An intentionally submerged commuter plane, as well as the Dolphin Rocks, where you likely will be able to observe barracuda, mackerel, and tarpon in season. There is a 19th century english ship called the Rhone which is well preserved and will take time to explore. Dive the Shark Point, Lee Bay's grotto, offshore at the Baths of Virgin Gorda, or one of the other many dive sites in the BVI. It's a dive paradise!

Take Time To Enjoy The Surface Too!

If you are a keen diver you'll find plenty to see on multiple visits to The Virgin islands, but don't forget all the great activities on land too. The party beach at White bay, wandering through the Baths at Virgin Gorda. countless beaches, the protected waters for a day sailing or just enjoying the vistas with your friends. After enjoyment above and below the water... you'll be realxed and ready to book your return trip sooner than later.

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