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Odyssey in the Aegean

Tales of ancient Greece survive in history books because the stories are powerful and entertaining. The commingling of fact and myth has created a super-state in our collective minds where anything can happen… and a touch of magic is never far off. Experiencing modern Greece is just as satisfying as the history books have made it out to be. Book a Greek private charter to see for yourself!

Your charter specialist will have many suggestions for your Greek charter as the islands are numerous and quite distinct. Here we'll focus on three stops that you may want to include in your itinerary. They are Zakynthos, Olympia, and Hydra. Read on to see if these spots are worthy of your Greek adventure.

Enchanting Zakynthos

This southernmost Ionian island was actually mentioned in The Iliad, and its captivating powers kept visitors entranced. Noted for its floral accents, it was deemed paradise on earth. Modern day Zakynthos has open squares, bright houses, and wide arcaded streets thus creating a pleasant European environment to explore the town.

While on Zakynthos, you should try the local delicacy mandolato, which is a nougat dessert. Climb the Venetian fortress to get a grand view of the harbor. Or take in the Bay of Laganas, which is too big to miss. Laganas is Zakynthos' most famous resort and a nice stop on a day of wandering by foot. Lastly, visit Skinari at the island's edge in order to see the mysterious Blue Caves.

Epic Olympia

Your captain will use the port of Katakolon to get you close to Olympia. This is the home of Zeus' sanctuary and will be your larger-than-life foray into the world of gods and temples. Olympia is the site of the first Olympic Games. This may inspire you to take on uber-human efforts to get the most out of your vacation or in the very least to make the 20 minute walk out to Katakolon's lighthouse.

Enjoy the beaches that the area has to offer. Spiatza is popular with locals, and while its water is extremely shallow, its sandy shoreline makes for an inviting afternoon in the sun. Walk half an hour north and you'll see Ayios Andhreas beach spread before you. This beach is perfect for swimming and has a few tavernas that are open in the summer. Take in views of Zakynthos and shop for ceramics, art, and jewelry while you're here.

Eccentric Hydra

Hydra is fairly low-key, which is exactly what you need to incorporate in your itinerary to ensure some relaxation on this trip. Take advantage of Hydra's old, slower ways and really stop to appreciate this pace of life. The arid land on Hydra doesn't exactly incite one to spring in to action; a local pastime is lingering over a shared amygdalota (almond cake) and catching up with friends.

There is a little town on Hydra called Idhra perched on hills surrounding a sheltered harbor. Hydra also boasts medieval castle ruins and other wartime fortifications that get visitors' imaginations running through various battle scenes and exciting struggles. Speaking of doing things the old way, why not take a mule ride to a monastery? You won't be alone. This is a typical mode of transport on good old Hydra.

Enviable Yacht

At the end of the day, you always have your plush, comfortable private yacht to come home to, and the crew will be ready to welcome you back on board whenever you want. This is one odyssey with a happy ending.

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