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Food at the Forum

Greek Delicacies for All

Witnessing food traditions, perusing local markets, and trying new dishes are imperative if you want an immersive experience of another culture. On private charters, you get the added benefit of bringing your exotic finds back to the boat and having a professional chef prepare the food for you. Did you pick up a bottle of regional wine? Great idea! Then have the stewardess serve you and your guests a glass of the good stuff while you gaze past the yacht's deck onto the land that brought you this delicious libation.

Greek terrain is known for more than just its grapes. You will want to try Greek yogurt (with honey), olive rolls, and fresh figs while wandering on these ancient islands. Simple pairings are best. If you see oysters (streidia) on a menu, be sure to give the red wine vinegar shallot sauce a try. You will no doubt partake in a refreshing glass of wine or two, but don't forget to try the infamous Ouzo while you're at it.

Hearty Dishes

Greek standards that never disappoint:

Dolmádes. Slightly bitter but always satisfying, this combination of rice, currants, and pine nuts has been prettily packaged into rolled grape leaves for your enjoyment.
Keftédes. Let your tastebuds search for hints of mint and cumin as you partake of the minced beef or pork mixed with herbs, egg, and breadcrumbs. This melange is then fried into shape and served with saffron rice.
Mousakás. Cutlets of fried eggplant, layered with potatoes and spiced meat, suspended in creamy béchamel sauce, and baked with cheese on top. Too good to pass up.
Souvlákia. This commonly found plate is frequently served with tzatziki sauce and features grilled, skewered pork chunks with a lemon herb seasoning.

Fish Dish!

Scruptious seafood at its freshest:

Garídes giouvétsi. Olive oil, tomato sauce, and parsley engulf this baked shrimp dish, which is then topped with the ubiquitous feta cheese that all Greeks love.
Psária plakí. A whole fish is surrounded by carrots, leeks, and potatoes and then baked in tomato and fennel sauce. The final presentation is colorfully enticing.

Lighter Fare

Sides with healthy ingredients:

Choriátiki saláta. Also known as Greek Salad, the authentic one comes with cucumbers, olives, onions, peppers, tomatoes, and let's not forget, feta cheese. It will be served properly herbed and oiled.
Fáva. Local lentils, capers, and oil are pureed in this simple yet flavorful dish. Vegetarians know it well.

Just Desserts

Save the best for last...

Baklava. Very thin pastry layers are meticulously stacked with honey and pistachios in this traditional masterpiece.
Loukoumádes. Deep fried “doughnut” balls soaked in honey syrup are a treat for anyone at any age.

Toga parties were notoriously raucous, but there's no need to outdo the ancients on board your private yacht. Charters are luxuriously civilized, with a relaxing yet elegant air. This is all the reason you need to celebrate your time on board. Leave the togas in the history books and don your comfortably classy whites as you sit on deck soaking up the Greek sun and sampling the Greek food that has sustained this nation for years.

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