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Hot New Marinas

Spotlight: Old Territory, New Look

This month's feature will highlight three ports you may or may not have considered visiting. Journey with me to the eastern Med and have a look at some marinas whose cultural depth goes far beyond the harbor's surface.


In Cyprus, Limassol Marina has hosted yachts for a year, but the amenities on land are just now ready to welcome visitors. Harborside attractions include a classy yacht club, cultural center, and plenty of boutiques. You'll also enjoy Limegrove Spa and Fitness where serious workouts meet proper pampering.

At Limassol, you'll dock alongside top-brand yachts and be in close proximity to the marina's well-appointed residences that lend a feeling of seaside community living to your whole experience. In Cyprus you have the opportunity to swim in open water and ski a mountain all in one day. Go to Castle Kolossi to sample the island's famed dessert wine. Eat fresh fish in a local tavern. And then rest on the deck of your charter yacht while being ensconced in the evening glow of Limassol's dramatically lit harbor and reflective green waters.


At Greece's Sani Marina in Halkidiki, you will find a full service destination in the middle of Sani Resort on the Kassandra Peninsula. Halkididi is the birthplace of Aristotle so you should play it smart and book one of the marina's 215 berths in order to best explore this area. In conjunction with a Greek itinerary, you might want to consider a cruise to Turkey, too.


Cesme Marina in Izmir can accommodate even more (and larger!) yachts than Sani so you'll be in good company once you arrive. Cesme harbor offers the awesome contrast of orange roof tiles overlooking the bluest of blue waters. This purpose-minded marina mirrors the relationship of Turkey's historic land and its harbor's sparkling yachts.

Common Ground

Both Sani and Cesme offer a touch of the old and exotic blended with the ultra-modern and familiar. Halkidiki and Izmir are historically linked and, with the addition of their respective marinas, are now easily accessible to you. Each port gives visitors the chance to see ancient temples and byzantine structures, thermal baths and sandy beaches. These new ports mean charter guests can cruise the Aegean confidently and comfortably while fully embracing the Mediterranean lifestyle. Greece's Thessaloniki and Turkey's Izmir were both redesigned after fires in the early 20th Century ravaged their respective streets. The result is a noticeably urban thread that has been woven into the surviving cityscapes. These ports are charmingly inconsistent as various styles have been forced to live side by side in ancient, tight quarters.

Have fun getting lost in the historic labyrinths of Cyprus, Greece, and Turkey. Then find yourself again in your cozy stateroom aboard the charter yacht that was patiently awaiting your return. There's no hurry in the time-tested eastern Mediterranean. Stand in awe of the old sun-bleached building facades and the new gleaming white yachts as they silently welcome you to their turf.

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