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Monaco's Royal Family

Monaco, the world's second smallest country, still gets its share of attention from yacht charterers. This is due to Monaco's prime location on the French Riviera for yacht dockage, its opulent hotels, restaurants, and casinos, and the fact that it has a royal ruling family with global appeal. If you are considering visiting by private yacht, we can help you select from countless charter yachts in the south of France that can include Monaco in your vacation. In the world of private high-end luxury charters, our goal is to be the ONLY company you'll need.

Royal Monaco

Monaco's House of Grimaldi has ruled there since Francois Grimaldi took over Monaco's protective fortress in 1297. The Grimaldis were absent for a brief period in history following the French Revolution; they returned after the Treaty of Paris was signed. During World War II, Monaco was occupied by Italians and later by Germans before Allied Forces were able to free them.

After World War II a succession in title took place within the House of Grimaldi. Princess Charlotte chose to pass the crown on to her son, Prince Rainier III, instead of take the position herself. Prince Rainier subsequently expanded Monaco's interests further than gambling and into the realm of banking and other financial services.

Monaco increased its international cache when Prince Rainier married American film star Grace Kelly and the two proceeded to have three children: Princess Caroline, Prince Albert II, and Princess Stephanie.

Princess Stephanie had two children with Daniel Ducruet (Louis and Pauline), married him, and then divorced him shortly after. She has a second daughter, Camille, with another man, and she later married again. This time to Adans Lopez Peres. Caroline and Stephanie's brother Albert has two children (Jazmin and Alexandre) with two different women, neither of whom he married. Albert is the current ruler of Monaco, and his illegitimate children cannot succeed him to the crown.

This poses a concern for royal watchers. People want to know who will be next in line! Without a legitimate heir, Albert's title would pass along to his sister Caroline (assuming she were still alive at the time of his death) and then on to her children. But this past year saw something that could foil that eventuality. On July 2, 2011, Prince Albert married South African Olympian Charlene Wittstock. He is in his fifties and marrying for the first time.

What is fascinating about the unruly, vexed Grimaldi family is that a legend exists that explains their sometimes terrible fates. Supposedly when Francois Grimaldi stormed the fortress back in the 13th Century, he was in disguise as a monk. So 700 years ago, monks put a curse on the family that condemned them to lives of unhappy marriages, child bearing troubles, and unnamed tragedies. The royals seem to be acting out the curse regardless of its sincerity. Maybe the powers of suggestion were too strong. After hearing the tale so many times, they started to believe it! Meanwhile Monaco still sits on perfectly manicured land abutting the Mediterranean Sea waiting for guests to visit on a yacht. The Palace grounds are a must see on any visit to the area and can be seen between both harbors of Monaco and easily visited from your charter yacht. Plan on your yacht docking in Monaco for a wonderful visit to the palace.

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