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Eastern Med, Perfected

Montenegro is small enough to be overlooked and new enough to be ignored altogether (it gained independence in 2006). This is not a reflection on its status as a wonderful destination, however. The fact that it has not yet risen to the ranks of its neighbors in the region just means that it offers similar highlights with fewer crowd-induced drawbacks.


Montenegro's delightful lack of frenetic tourist accoutrements means that you can truly absorb the intense beauty of its coast without being distracted by indiscriminate light and noise. Charter a private yacht in Montenegro, and you will be ensconced in quiet historic splendor. A tower of forest and mountains just past the water's edge will beckon you to experience the land as well.


Porto Montenegro marina or Kotor harbor will gladly accommodate your charter yacht. You can't go wrong with locations in Montenegro so allow your charter specialist to choose the starting point that best suits your itinerary. Tivat, on the coast, has an airport, and you will make your way to the charter yacht from there (or a number of other airports throughout this area).

Getting Acquainted

If you begin in Kotor, stop to appreciate the medieval architecture of its Old City before getting comfortable on board your plush yacht. Let the Roman influenced Cathedral of St. Tryphon rise above you before lying in your berth below sea level. Montenegro is small, but its coastline is quite significant. You'll immediately feel the urge to be at peace with the gravity of its land and the depth of its waters.

Natural Beauty

While floating in the Adriatic off Montenegro, you will witness looming mountains, powerful fjords, clear waters, and quaintly cluttered coasts. Check out the world's oldest olive tree in Stari Bar and the limestone cliffs prevalent in Budva and Kotor. Sailing feels simple and sublime against these dramatic backdrops.

Glamorous Beauty

Ask the captain to take you by the private island of Sveti Stefan. Its original claim to fame was as a fortress in the 1400s. Now it is better known as a place worthy of Sophia Loren's calm Italian approach to vacationing. For international fun, visit Budva's music fest in June (the largest in the southern Adriatic). And raise a glass to wonderfully imposing charm with a sampling of Loza, the national drink.

Action Adventure

Have the crew arrange an excursion to Durmitor National Park for adrenaline pumping activities (e.g. bungee jumping) or to Tara River for a rafting trip. Anytime you feel the urge, you can hop overboard to have a swim or head to a white sand beach for a pre-dinner jog. Climbing the Montenegrin mountains and taking in the clean air ought to "heighten" your senses too.

Relaxed Charter

Sveti Stefan is a stately symbol of Montenegro's subtle, regal beauty. Montenegro itself basks in Adriatic blue and forest green all day, everyday. It is at once old and also newly being discovered. There's still so much of Montenegro for our clients to see that we're more than happy to hear what you have to share.

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