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Movie Madness

You Ought To Be In Pictures

Move over Hollywood! The hottest set for film is the Caribbean. Give yourself the star treatment on your next vacation by booking a private charter trip to the Caribbean. You'll see what all the fuss is about while experiencing the pampered lifestyle of Hollywood's elite. Surround yourself in movie magic while visiting these film locations.

Get Ready For Your Close-Up

The nation of the Bahamas is so near the US that you have no reason not to go. The islands are a terrific destination with many moorings and myriad beaches. The lush backgrounds of Bahamian islands provide directors with a colorful richness that is hard to duplicate. Check out the recent James Bond Casino Royale to watch your favorite British spy saunter through Paradise Island's Versailles Gardens. Then make it your secret mission to follow the fragrant path yourself.

Immerse your group in a Bahamian Junkanoo Parade like Bond did in Thunderball; the movie artfully guides you through Nassau, Rose Island, Love Beach, and the Golden Grotto. Then, if you dare, venture to the Out Islands and North Bimini's Alice Town. This is where Hannibal Lecter finally retires in Silence of the Lambs! If that seems too unsavory, perhaps you could just enjoy a delicious afternoon on the deck of your private yacht instead.

The Windwards

The Windward Islands include Dominica, Grenada, St. Lucia, and St. Vincent & the Grenadines. The latter is the place to be if you enjoyed the visuals in Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black Pearl. Here you can see Wallilabou Bay's Port Royal dock and channel Jack Sparrow as you swashbuckle your way through town.

Sail over to Dominica to see the production base for most of the second Pirates movie. Hampstead Beach, High Meadow, and Indian River offer views that will seem familiar from the film. Then take an aviation tour of the Grenadines to see the same backdrops they used for several shots. Finally, climb aboard the 'Scaramouche,' a movie-worthy schooner that the kids will love.

Two Thumbs Up

St. Croix happens to be the location for the ending of the comedy Trading Places as well as the drama The Shawshank Redemption. They call it Zihuatanejo, Mexico, in Shawshank, but the final scene is actually showcasing St. Croix's national wildlife refuge. You too can consider letting your vacation reach its artful conclusion in the US Virgin Islands!

Agatha Christie

Though vacations are always stimulating, you can increase your heart rate by going to Barbados where Agatha Christie's A Caribbean Mystery was taped. This will get your whole group excited about potential intrigue! And for the multi-lingual, Aruba and Martinique open a different set of doors with their Dutch and French films, respectively.

Temperatures and popularity are on the rise in the hot setting of the Caribbean. A film-based itinerary may be just the plot twist your group needs in order to stay actively interested in family time.

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