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Tropical Hikes

Explore the Caribbean's Best on Foot!

Dreaming of a tropical getaway that keeps your whole group occupied? Head to the beach and plan to do some exploring by foot! Whether you walk briskly or stroll leisurely, a hike in the rich biodiversity of the Caribbean is sure to put you in better spirits and open your eyes to beautiful richness not commonly found anywhere else. Why sail past life's little treasures when you can stop and actually smell the fragrant flowers instead! If you incorporate any of the following islands into your itinerary, you won't be disappointed.

Serene Sights and Vibrant Vistas

For easy beach walks in lesser-developed settings, stroll along the water's edge in Anguilla or head to Canouan in the Grenadines. If you'd prefer to meander among more people and have access to amenities, try the beaches of upscale St. Bart's or romantic St. Lucia.


. Dominica's Boiling Lake Hike presents a bit of a challenge, but your reward comes when you step into a clearing to take in the island's volcanic scenery. You'll definitely want to visit some of Dominica's gorgeous black sand beaches as well as the animal sanctuaries.


. Grenada offers tropical rainforest hikes that accentuate the island's diverse culture of fruits, flowers, and of course, spices! Grenada, a.k.a. Spice Island, leads the way in Caribbean agrotourism and welcomes visitors who want to experience the land on foot. The more you take in without leaving carbon behind, the better!


. La Soufriere Volcano Hike on Guadeloupe is as exciting as it sounds. Picture yourself on a skyward path that has been cleared out of the side of a volcano! Once you achieve a certain height, you will look down and see more shades of green than you thought possible!


. This tiny island may lack in beaches, but it overcompensates in terrific volcanic terrain! Take one of the seven main trails to the top of the island. Witness breathtaking views, hibiscus and orchids, mountain palms, and more as you make your ascent up the mountain.

St. John

. It may be the smallest of the US Virgin Islands, but its comparative size belies the fact that it is "the biggest" when it comes to scenic trails. St. John is primarily a national park, and there are 20 trails to explore! People also enjoy serene walks along the beaches of Caneel Bay.

St. Kitts

. St. Kitts (& Nevis) is an island nation in the Caribbean that is popular with honeymooners. The island offers more than romance, though. Take the St. Kitts' canyon walk past centuries-old petroglyphs, and then hike up Mt. Liamiga to a tropical rainforest covered peak!

Don't Forget!

While this lists highlights some of what the Caribbean offers to nature lovers, the actual list is considerably longer. Charters take place in the Mediterranean and South Pacific as well so don't feel limited in your options. Traveling by boat on your next vacation will allow you to visit multiple islands with ease. Private charters are great for groups who want to explore while sticking to their own schedule. After all, if you think you've found the best island for hiking, you might just need to stay for another day or two!

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