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Valentine Vacation

Frolic in February

Winter is the time of year when your body begs to be taken to a warm paradise for rest and relaxation. It also happens to be the perfect time to get cozy with your travel partner! The only question is whether to motor or to sail around the warm waters and inviting islands of the Caribbean. There are so many boat options that you are sure to find something suitable for two. You will be the envy of everyone at home while you're off meeting fellow travelers and getting reacquainted with your special someone.

Making Arrangements

If you are more comfortable chartering a motor yacht, then you will be pleased to know that motor yachts tend to be larger (thus accommodating several couples) and also go faster than their sailing counterparts. Motor yachts provide good protection from the elements, such as winter's warm but gusty winds. Motor yachts are all about utility and convenience, and they are a great way to get accustomed to the chartering lifestyle. The yacht's captain will handle the mechanics of your travel while you sit back and handle a cocktail, taking in gorgeous views of the islands.

Sailing yachts are ideal for yacht charterers who want to be one with the sea and really experience the voyage aspect of the vacation. Sailing yachts are often used for racing and have many design elements that make you wonder at the marvel of sea travel. Sailing charters are for the traditional types who aren't in a hurry (and who don't want fuel costs to be a large part of the budget!). A sailing charter will be inevitably more interactive than a motor charter. The captain and crew are there to do all the physical work of getting you from one island to the next, but you will be a first-hand witness to their labor and will truly appreciate the efforts.

Loving Life

Both motor and sail yachts provide romantic, interesting settings for your floating vacation home. Choosing between motor or sail may just come down to budget and amenity considerations. Whether you're celebrating Valentine's, an anniversary, or nothing in particular, winter in the Caribbean is magnificent when you take it in from the deck of a privately chartered yacht! December through March is typically viewed as the "off season" for travel, but the Caribbean is as inviting as ever.

People still book vacations then so hotels can charge peak rates, and restaurants can be busy. Charter a yacht and avoid the resort scene. Your yacht will never get too crowded, and the chef on board will cater to your dietary needs without compromise. You'll never have to wait for a table on a privately chartered yacht! Make the absolute most of the time you get alone with your partner by booking an intimate, indulgent charter.

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