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Out Islands Of The Bahamas Charters

There are countless islands in the Bahamas, including out islands! There are many smaller islands of the Exumas and other isolated Cays throughout the Bahamas that are excellent stops on your charter.


Georgetown's Elizabeth Harbour on the Island of Great Exuma is the perfect place to stage a yacht charter to the far "Out Islands". Winter and spring are the favored seasons here.

Anchor your charter yacht in Elizabeth Harbour to savor Great Exuma’s perfect beaches, bonefishing, snorkeling, watersports, and scuba opportunities. One could play golf at Emerald Bay or schedule a guided tour of Great Exuma. Then you just may be ready for a getaway down island!

At Cat Island climb to The Hermitage, built on the highest point of the Bahamas. Or set your sights on San Salvador like Columbus in 1492. Sport fishing for marlin is now popular here as well.

Next visit Conception Island, a protected national park. Anchor off its pristine beach in the clearest water in the world and beachcomb for hours. Snorkel or scuba dive its four mile reef, or swim from your charter yacht’s anchorage to a nearby coral head. Take a tour in the tender of Conception Island’s interior creeks to see juvenile turtles and sharks; then explore the spectacular east side of this remote uninhabited paradise.

Rum Cay has a small marina at Sumner Point that offers diving, surfing, sunbathing, and dining. Scuba dive on the wreck of the HMS Conqueror, the Royal Navy’s first steam powered ship, just off the southeast tip of Rum Cay at Sumner Point. Then check out the late night happenings at Kaye’s in Port Nelson.

On Long Island's eastern shore the jewel of Clarence Town welcomes visitors. The landscape is dominated by two squat, sparkling white churches, built by Father Jerome long before the Hermitage at Cat Island. The intimate Flying Fish Marina will be your base in Clarence Town, Long Island.

You may be in the Out Islands, but you are surrounded by luxury, fine wines, and superbly prepared meals on your very own island paradise charter yacht. Let our specialists arrange the perfect one for you!

Ready to learn more about visiting the lesser known Out Islands on a crewed charter?

These quiet remote islands are perfect for exploration on a charter. Truly, there might be few other ways you'll every be able to experience these islands. We are ready to get your call or email to discuss options or alternatives for you.

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