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St. Barts Charters

Commonly referred to as St. Barts or St. Barths, or even St. Barthelemy, this island reveals its French influence from its currency to its language, even though it is over 4,000 miles from Paris. Legal tender is officially the Euro, although both the French Franc and US Dollar is widely accepted. The official language is French, although most residents speak some English, and Creole is spoken in some areas.

St Barts, Small In Size, Big In Destination!

The island itself is small in size, as is the main harbor town, Gustavia, which measures less than 10 square miles, but don’t be fooled by size! St. Barts has a lot to do! Most people start their charter in St. Maarten/St. Martin, which is a mere 17 nautical miles away, and a beautiful cruise. Once arriving at St. Barts, the fun begins!

Things to Do in St. Barts

There is a variety of things to do on the island. St. Barts hosts a calendar of events throughout the year. The terrain is very rugged, so it is suggested that you tour using an ATV or Jeep, unless you are staying in Gustavia. Many tourists find watching planes land at the local airport an exhilarating event, as the airport has such a short runway, and the planes have to approach over a hill.

The beaches, cliffs, coves, reefs, vegetation, and marine life make it truly a tropical paradise, so in 1996 a Marine Park was established to protect the underwater zones. Visitors and locals alike must respect the “do not disturb” intention of the Parks establishment protecting the island’s aquatic and terrestrial plants that include: water lily, water hyacinth, coromandel, night bloom cereus, lobster claw slipper plant, and many varieties of orchids.


From the capital city, Gustavia, you will be able to see the mega yachts, motor yachts, and large sailing yachts moored in the harbor, as they use their large tenders to ferry their guests to shore. On your vacation, your yacht will likely be one of these moored in St Barts harbor, while you enjoy the beautiful French style town of Gustavia.

Gustavia reflects the French flair of the island. The shops and restaurants are designed with a French architecture. The food and wine is of the highest quality. There are many places to relax with a glass of wine and enjoy the fresh, Caribbean air. The merchandise in the shops are luxury brands, they have come from long distance, and will be priced in Euros, so don’t expect a bargain.

Christmas and New Year's Eve

Christmas and New Years are by far the busiest time of year in St. Barts, so if you are looking for the party crowd, this is the best time to book your st Barts charter. If you are looking for a little less excitement, plan your charter before or after these dates. Please keep in mind; however, that if you are looking for a place dockside during Christmas and New Years, space is extremely limited and only for the extremely fortunate, so plan well in advance!

The Beaches of St Bart's

The Beaches of St. Barts offer something for everyone. From secluded, limited access beaches to beaches that offer site surfing, and everything in between, St. Barts has variety.

If you are looking for serenity and tranquility, then Colombier Beach may be just the spot for you. Also known as Rockefeller’s Beach, this beach requires a 40 minute hike down a rugged trail to a secluded beach that doesn’t have any services, so it’s best to bring food and drinks with you. But why do that, when you have already booked your luxury yacht? You have the capability of having your captain pull your yacht directly into this secluded cove.

There are several other fairly tranquil beaches on the island. Grande Saline Beach is comprised of beautiful white sand and is alongside an old salt mine, for which the beach gets its name. Flammands Beach is also a very tranquil beach, which gives a nice view of the islands beyond St. Barts. Gouverneur Beach is free of hotels and has an incredible view of blue skies and amazing turquoise waters that meet at the horizon, making it a wonderful place to go snorkeling.

For those looking for more fun, here are a few options. Shell Beach is one of the smaller beaches, and is named for all of the tiny shells that cover it. It is known for the cocktails, food, and music. St. Jeans Beach is separated by Eden Rocks Hotel, and has many activities including various watersports, wonderful cuisine, and is in close proximity to shopping.

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