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Vacation to Tortola and the BVI's.

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Tortola Yacht Charters

Tortola, is a great place to start your yachting vacation in the BVI's! Tortola, works well because many yachts, including crewed catamarans, make this their base with many of the smaller yachts remaining available here year-round.


Tortola is the largest island, and is the capital of the BVI's. While it is a great place to begin your vacation, it shouldn't be ignored as a destination to visit itself. On the south shore or Tortola, among the mountain peaks, is Road Town where you'll find a large marina which caters to many yachts. Both Road Town or West End would be a typical location to meet your Tortola yacht. The north shore of Tortola is home to many bays, beaches, and stretches of palm trees, worth exploring before or after you have set sail in the BVI's. Tortola is not just a hub for the local seat of government; there are also many events and activities for visitors to explore.

What Can You Do On Tortola ?

Tortola presents a seemingly endless amount of activities when you consider all the shopping, water sport, and dining options. On the other hand, the history, culture, and lifestyle of the people bring in a whole new set of activities worthy of mention. Whether your interests coincide more with quiet museum-going or with outdoor nature appreciation, Tortola has you covered.

Is It Easy To Get To Tortola?

These islands are world famous for their natural beauty and wonderful weather. Tortola has a small but busy airport that allows easy access via San Juan, Puerto Rico. For many of our guests, this part of the Caribbean the perfect place to "get their feet wet" on a yacht because of the protected waters, countless anchorages, and beautiful beaches. Luckily there's enough to do that you can come back again and again. With a private charter around Tortola, no two vacations will ever be the same!

What Islands Near Tortola ?

The BVI's unpopulated islands are too numerous to mention, but getting you to them is our profession. A vacation beginning in Tortola has many, many options. Places like Virgin Gorda and Jost van Dyke - to name just two you might have heard from. These islands deliver on both peaceful luxury and exciting outside activities, while providing you with a memorably unique experience.

What Choices Are There For a Tortola Yacht ?

Guests can charter all types of yachts leaving from Tortola: Megayachts, Motor yachts, Sailboats, and Catamarans are all available.

Tortola, might be the home to the largest fleet of crewed catamarans, not sure what type of yacht, many guests charter a Catamaran to experience the best of all worlds afloat!

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