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A sample three day charter itinerary

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Bahamas: A Short Getaway

Got three days? Let's go on a yacht charter in the Bahamas! Every yacht charter we arrange even for just three days is planned uniquely for you. There is no fixed itinerary! You'll discuss with us and your captain beforehand an outline of what your ideal quick vacation away could include. Your yacht's captain will create a draft cruising plan just for you. You can go where you want to go and stay as long as you like in the Abacos. You'll be dependent only on the distance between islands, the weather, and where your yacht can safely go.

Enjoy this "Bahamas Blast" sampler.

Day One:

Start your private getaway at Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island. Here you will meet your crew, board your yacht, and have lunch on deck before heading out to explore the surrounding area. Atlantis is a vacationer's dream come true. By day, enjoy the shops and cafes; by night, try your hand at the casino. Best of all, make time to relax on the beach and get acquainted with the many amenities offered at Atlantis.

Bahamas three day yacht charter

Day Two:

Steam your way to Highbourn Cay! You will feel awake and refreshed after a midday swim or a leisurely stroll on the beautiful beach. Go to Allen's Cay in the afternoon to see iguanas lounging in their natural habitat; this is a rare refuge for the iguanas, so look but don’t touch! Let the captain steer you toward Shroud Cay in the evening where you will have dinner and drinks on board and anchor overnight.

Day Three:

Soak up the sun and fun at Shroud Cay as you make your way around its interesting landscape. Shroud Cay is known for its great beach and hiking trails. The Shroud Cay creek system is distinct, and it is best experienced by dinghy. Use the yacht's tender to meander through the creeks while taking in the natural beauty of this cay. Return to the yacht in the afternoon and cruise back to Nassau where you will moor for the night.

Day Four:

Have breakfast on board while looking out onto Atlantis Resort & Marina. Disembark and spend a little more time on Paradise Island before catching your return flight. Remember the trip's highlights so you can start planning your next yacht charter vacation - make it longer next time!!

short bahamas yacht charter

This Is Just a Sampler!

NOTE: This is intended as a suggestion for a very short yacht charter in the Bahamas. The captain will come up with an outline to your preferences both before you arrive and while you are onboard. Changes likely will be made along the way, for instance, when you fall in love with one deserted beach and you just can't leave!


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