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A sample charter itinerary for the Grenadines

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St Vincent to Grenada: Discreetly Charming

This group of islands are referred to as the Windward Islands or The Grenadines. Each uniquely planned charter is devoid of fixed itineraries and full of flexibility. You'll create an outline of where you would like to visit in the Grenadines and for how long you'd like to stay. Experience the secret of private luxury yacht charter, It's your vacation, and you can go where you want when you want. You'll be dependent only on the weather and where your yacht can safely go.

Enjoy this highlight sampler of the Grenadines, beginning in St Vincent and ending in Grenada.

Day One:

Start your adventure at Young Island Cut in St. Vincent. Then take the yacht to Admiralty Bay on Bequia where you'll find a protected, horseshoe-shaped harbor. Here you can explore Port Elizabeth in the heart of Admiralty Bay and browse through the village's many shops. Stay on Bequia for lunch and then enjoy an afternoon of water sports. Visit Bequia's Princess Margaret Beach and take in the greenery of the lush hillsides.

Grenada yacht charter

Day Two:

Move on to Mustique! This wonderful little island makes you disconnect from stress and reconnect with your natural surroundings. Try out the services at the health spa, or ride horseback around the island. Interested in athletics? Hit the tennis courts. Curious about sea creatures? Scuba dive as deep as you dare. At the end of the day, treat yourself to a drink at Basil's Bar and meet fellow travelers as you watch the sun set on Mustique.

Day Three:

Cruise over to Canouan where you will find more diving opportunities at the barrier reef on the Atlantic side of the island. The white sand beaches and water sports are alluring enough, but Canouan has even more to offer. This lively island hosts festivals and regattas and has its share of restaurants and bars. Another popular anchorage, Saltwhistle Bay on Mayreau, is worth a stop. Swim up to the beach of this small island, and then walk from one side of the peninsula to the other!

Day Four:

Stay the morning in Mayreau before making your way to the Tobago Cays. Snorkel in the beautiful water and hit the beach. The reefs are abundant here in the Tobago Cays because this group of uninhabited islands is part of a marine park. You can dive, kayak, or windsurf in the cays, but of course you are also welcome to just sunbathe all afternoon! Bring your sunblock!

Day Five:

Steam to Union Island with a stopover at Palm Island. Union Island has a mountainous interior with two peaks that top out around 1000 feet above sea level. If you're not up for hiking, then check out Chatham Bay Beach's golden sands. There are no amenities here; enjoy the seclusion instead. Then cruise to the private, all-inclusive Palm Island, and relax on the lovely Casuarina Beach.

Day Six:

Leave the Grenadines as you steer towards Tyrrel Bay on Carriacou. Tyrrel Bay, on southwest Carriacou, is home to several resorts and a nice beach. Carriacou itself is a vibrant island with a strong community of traditional dance and crafts. Go to the Carriacou Museum (housed in an old cotton gin mill) before you carry on to Petit St. Vincent and Petit Martinique. Petit St. Vincent is private and exclusive while Petit Martinique has the Afro-Euro roots, spicy culture, and boat building skills of Carriacou.

Day Seven:

Experience Grenada proper as you glide into St. George's at the southern end of Grenada, nestled in a volcano crater. St. George's, Grenada is a terrific destination with beautiful terrain and fun activities. Scuba dive around underwater sculptures, or stay on land and investigate the botanic gardens. Enjoy a lunch stop at Halifax Harbor, and then cruise to the southwest tip of Grenada for some very pretty beaches. Swim, snorkel, or head back to the yacht to be pampered on board.

Day Eight:

Pack your bags after breakfast and prepare to disembark. After a week meandering through some of the Caribbean's most precious, idyllic islands, you might be shocked when you return to the hustle of "real life." Better start planning that next charter getaway soon!

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This Is Just a Sampler!

NOTE: This is intended as a suggestion, to give you an idea of where you may want to visit in the Grenadines on a charter yacht. You will work with your Captain to tailor your vacation in the Grenadines to your preferences both before and during your yacht charter. Alterations likely will be made along the way, for instance, when you fall in love with the Tobago Cays and just can't leave!

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