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Visit Venice and Croatia on a fully crewed, private yacht.

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Adriatic Yacht Charter

The Adriatic has coasts and islands that are a pleasure to visit via private charter yacht. In the Adriatic Sea, you will find locations that have become international hotspots such as Venice and the coast of Croatia. Contact us to find an Adriatic yacht charter that meets your high expectations for cruising in the utmost luxury and comfort.

An Adriatic Yacht Charter

In the north, you will find the legendary city of Venice. The Italian coastline lies to the west and the beautiful coastline of Croatia is found in the east. There is much to see and do, particularly on the coast of Croatia and an abundance of harbors. The Adriatic has many sights and activities that you can pursue at your leisure. Beautiful destinations visited in the privacy and comfort of a fully crewed yacht makes the Adriatic a top destination.


What could be more descriptive of a city to see from the water than one which is embodied by water like Venice? A starting or ending point for a charter in the Adriatic, Venice offers so much and is so unique that guests should plan a few days just to explore this magnificent Italian treasure before they begin their yacht charter. Walking the narrow streets, crossing the countless small bridges, soaking up the history, and even exploring the canals wide and small are all popular things to do while visiting Venice. Pictures of Venice are all instantly recognizable, but being there is not to be missed to soak up the sounds and emotions of this truly unique city of the water.


Known for the many islands along its coast, Croatia is a fairly narrow country with a long coastline, stretching to Montenegro in the south. With the privacy and freedom that a private charter yacht affords, you can travel to such destinations as Dubrovnik, Mljet, Korcula, Bisevo, Vis, and Trogir without unpacking but once, not to mention the beautiful national parks of KRKA and Kornati. Many charters will just spend a week or more exploring the coast and islands of Croatia. However, others choose to start or end in Venice in the north or Kotor in Montenegro.

This coast was once the very popular tourist region of Yugoslavia, and is becoming more and more popular for vacations both of land and by sea in recent years. The history itself spans countless generations and is worth the visit, the locals are welcoming to tourists.

Dubrovnik, in the far south of Croatia, is the name that might come first to mind when thinking of Croatia and the wonderfully preserved walled city is a must see. Many other locations will amaze you with their history like Korkula, where you can walk the streets that Marco Polo did, looking much like they did in his time. The lesser known northern coast has large offshore islands and Split is more central on the coastline.

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