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Are all Inclusive Charter Rates available?

YES!, and it will still be a very custom vacation aboard with itinerary planning and menus based on your preferences.

All-inclusive luxury yacht charters can be a great option, especially for first time charter guests.

Want to be sure you get the right answers to your questions? we have the decades of experience you can be confident in.

Both "all-inclusive" and "plus expenses" charters have their advantages and disadvantages and we are happy to help you make the right choice for you.

What is included in an "All Inclusive" yacht charter ?

Your all inclusive charter price on yacht, at minimum, includes a Captain and additional crew members, including crew who will prepare all the meals, to suit the size of yacht and handle the yachts operations, provide personal service, and help arrange activities etc. The Charter price will include your food, drink, and most likely a standard "ship's bar". Even the smallest yachts manage to surprise our clients with what is provided. In the Caribbean and BVI's particularly, most evenings will be spent at anchor vs at a dock as the majority prefer the tranquility of their own "private island aboard".

What Is Not Included on an "All inclusive" yacht charter?

The simple answer is "not much”, it is most likely that guests will incur no other charges beyond the all inclusive rate they paid and a crew gratuity. The prices are typically based on the number of guests on board, that's simply because the more guests, the more is consumed.

However, specific yachts can have a few items that could incur extra charges, and our charter specialist will note them for you beforehand so there will be no surprises. These charges will be unique to each yacht and may include things such as satellite phone usage, communication costs for computers, dockage or mooring fees, cost of scuba diving, minor cruising taxes, exclusive menu items, premium level wines, or spirits beyond what is usually stocked. Again, what might be charged extra is dependant on the charter yacht and the clients usage. There will be no surprises, as any exclusion will be stated in your charter contract..

Are there any exceptions?

There are also a very few all inclusive charter rates that include all costs except for the cost of alcoholic drinks. Historically even with such occasional exclusions, except where the "bar" is extra, we find clients rarely incur extra expenses beyond the base all inclusive yacht charter fee. This is a basic definition; exact details for a given yacht will be explained by our charter specialist and stated in your yacht charter contract which is the definitive source for such particulars.

Where can I book all inclusive charters?

Yachts offering all inclusive charters are most commonly in destinations where costs can be predicted such as in the Caribbean and Virgin Islands. For example: the Virgin Islands havs a known smaller cruising ground which gives the owner the ability to predict fuel costs. It’s a popular destination for its’ countless places to cruise and there are many charter yacht choices available. Where distances are further and on yachts where expenses are more variable, it is rare an owner will offer "all-inclusive". Example: a large yacht might consume significant fuel over large distances making it very difficult to commit to a fixed sum for fuel expenses. One of the great benefits of a private charter is no fixed itinerary, e.g. fall in love with one destination, you can stay longer. hence fuel expenses may be vastly reduced.

Eastern mediterranean all inclusive charters.

Some eastern Mediterranean charter yachts will offer a form of all inclusive charters where fuel for up to four hours a day may be included or a half or full board pre paid cost per person like a resort is an option.

BUT, are "plus expenses" charters predictable?

Yes, before the charter, working with your broker and the yachts' captain your custom itinerary will be created and along with your preferences for things like meals, drinks and dockage, the Captain will be able to inform you if your expenses might be above or below what their guests usually incur. You will know the average cost of expenses beforehand and if you incur fewer expenses, any remaining deposit against expenses will be returned to you. Of course the advantage of these charters is you are only responsible for those expenses you actually incur. Prefer to be at anchor in tranquil coves? you'll save money on dockage.

Crewed charters vs Bareboat with a captain

Given the predictable costs of fully crewed all inclusive charters, guests will find that once all meals and drinks and other expenses are calculated for in a bareboat charter and the daily cost of crew is included, an all inclusive priced charter is often a better deal in overall cost.

Of course there is also the added value that no one has to shop for provisions, cook, clean up, or watch the anchor at night. The great advantage is that the crew is going to be there for you to make sure you achieve your ideal vacation, that is their sole goal! A fully crewed yacht usually will have more amenities such as water toys already on board which would not be found on a "bareboat"

Special requests

Should you have a particular request such as learning to sail or standing watch at the helm, just let our charter specialist know and they can use that information to help guide you to the ideal yacht charter. Once you have experienced a fully crewed all inclusive yacht charter, it’s unlikely you will ever think "bareboat" again!

Yacht Charter vs. Yacht Rental?

A yacht rental and a yacht charter are typically the same thing so don't be confused by the two terms. Sometimes the word rental may be referring to renting a boat or yacht for a few hours and a charter for a longer duration. No need to worry about the distinction with our specialists who can explain everything.

Ready for Expert Help?

Contact us about an all inclusive charter and we will help you choose your crewed yacht. It's clear that our clients have amazing vacations and that their expectations aboard all inclusive charters are typically exceeded.

We are happy to list some of their charter reviews here.

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