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Virgin Island Yacht Charter - one resource for every luxury charter yacht

Your proven resource to charter a fully crewed yacht in the Caribbean

The islands most commonly known as the Virgin Islands, are made up of the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI) and the British Virgin Islands (BVI). Not nearly as well known is the third called the Spanish Virgin Islands, which make up the northern part of the Caribbean chain closest to Puerto Rico.

With the exception of St. Thomas, these islands cannot accommodate large commercial jets. However it is easy to make a connection on smaller planes that are available in Puerto Rico to begin your Virgin Island charter. Arriving at these islands may take a little extra effort, but it will be worth every bit of effort put forth and more when you see the incredible beauty these opulent islands have to offer.

The largest choice of crewed Virgin island yachts?

Absolutely, with our relationships built over decades we truly do have access to every crewed private charter yacht based in, or visiting, the Virgin islands.

Whether you want to charter in the BVI's, USVI's, or both - Whatever type of charter yacht you have in mind, your vacation budget, or the size of your party, our specialists will guide you in choosing the ideal Virgin Islands yacht for your vacation. It's your vacation time to explore the islands the very best way possible - on a Virgin islands charter yacht.

Find Your Perfect Yacht for a Virgin Island Charter

Select a yacht type and your budget below to see a variety of the charter yachts that we have in our online database that may interest you. While we strive to keep a nice selection of yachts in our database for you to view, we do not have every available yacht online. There are many more yachts available to you by contacting one of our specialists.

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We would be happy to provide you a personalized selection of yachts for your Virgin Island yacht charter, including yachts not online. Please reach out to us as soon as you are ready. We’ll be happy to send you information on every available yacht that meets your needs, from the entire inventory of yachts, both on and offline, at no obligation. And we’ll do it at absolutely no cost to you!

Featured Charter Yachts in the Virgin Islands

 INDULGENCE charter yacht

INDULGENCE. Enjoy the fun of cruising the Virgin Islands aboard the 67' sailing catamaran Indulgence. Launched in 2023, by Fountaine Pajot, she offers plentiful space and luxury. She accommodates eight guests in four spacious cabins, making her a nice option for an intimate getaway, a family charter, or a vacation with close friends. The bow offers an in deck Jacuzzi and couches for basking in the afternoon sun or lying out under the stars.

SYNERGY. The 86' Sunseeker motor yacht Synergy has won first place for Best Motor Yacht at the 2023 BVI Charter Yacht Society Show. Step aboard and experience the luxury and opulence for yourself. She offers accommodations for as many as eight guests, includes a number of watersports, and has an on deck Jacuzzi for your enjoyment.

RIPPLE. Launched in 2016 by Lagoon, Ripple is a 62' sailing catamaran designed to entertain. Both the flybridge and aft deck offer generous seating areas, including al fresco dining on the aft deck and sun pads on the flybridge. Additionally, she is equipped with a nice selection of watersports, including water skis, double kayak, on board diving, and more.

NEVER ENOUGH. The 140' mega yacht Never Enough is ready to take you and your guests on a luxurious charter yacht vacation in the amazing waters of the Caribbean Virgin Islands, with five plush, well-appointed cabins, main salon and sky lounge, and sundeck with all of the exciting features, including sun loungers and on deck Jacuzzi.

SEA DOG. The 50' sailing cat Sea Dog is ready to whisk you and your guests away from your day to day anxieties to the lovely waters of the Caribbean Virgin Islands. Three cabins accommodate as many as six guests, while she offers a number of watersports including standup paddleboards, towables, sea scooters, kayak, floating mats, and more.

ARTEMIS. If you are looking for an exciting charter with plenty to do, check out the 150' mega yacht Artemis. This Christensen built yacht has received her latest refit in 2022 to ensure she is luxurious throughout. She offers a Jacuzzi, elevators, Satcom, and extensive watersports including an wakeboard, waterskis, jet skis, motorized surfboard, and much more.

No Experience Necessary in the Virgin's

Either way, the Virgin Islands offers paradise for everyone! With many small, uninhabited islands that provide protection from waves and win, the Virgin Islands region has possibly the most sheltered conditions for a charter in the Caribbean, in other words just perfect for a yachting vacation.

This makes the Virgin Islands more popular for guests who are less seasoned and want to gain experience in the Caribbean enjoying the peaceful luxury of a fully crewed yacht charter. The Virgin Islands are wonderful destinations with plenty of fun-filled activities, tranquil anchorages, and perfect waters to keep both the experienced and inexperienced boaters interested.

The Virgin Islands has countless sandy beaches which separate the luxurious green forests from the vibrant blue waters of the harbors and coves surrounding them. Click here to read client comments: BVI charter reviews.

As you are enjoying a fully crewed yacht charter in the virgin islands, once you express your desires before your trip, your captain will layout an itinerary with your approval, and while on your charter your captain and crew will take care of all the rest. Navigation, anchoring, and every other detail of your trip will be taken care of by someone else. All you will need to do is relax and enjoy your yacht vacation adventure.

Countless Harbors in Close Proximity

The Virgin Islands offer over 20 picture perfect islands that your captain will know intimately. This gives you some options. Maybe you have heard about a particular place that you would like to go, but don’t have any other ideas. Mention that to your captain and he will work that into the itinerary. Whatever the case, you will no doubt have an amazing trip in the Virgin Islands!

An outstanding feature of the Virgin Islands is that the anchorages are plentiful and very close to one another. This allows you to see many beautiful destinations in a short period of time. You’ll wake up in the morning, breakfast aboard your yacht, be underway for an hour or so, and arrive at a gorgeous beach. So possibly you decide to spend part of the day there, you explore the island, picnic in the sand, and by late afternoon it’s off to another destination an hour or so away! Whether you choose a motor yacht, sailing yacht, or catamaran you’ll find endless enjoyment in the Virgin Islands. You may not want to go home!


So BVIs or USVIs , which do you choose? Both offer enticing attractions, for instance, the BVIs have Cane Garden Bay, Dolphin Discovery, and Smuggler’s Cove, while the USVIs offer Maho Beach, Trunk Bay, and Watermelon Cay.

If you've decided the Virgin Islands are the charter for you, the best way to get there is to fly in to the small airport in Tortola, which has access via San Juan from the US and Europe, or into the larger airport in St. Thomas, USVI. There is a fast ferry system between the two main islands.

Under The Water In The Virgin Islands

Under the incredibly blue, crystal clear waters of the Virgin Islands are a treat hard to find elsewhere. Here you have the perfect opportunity to go snorkeling or SCUBA diving and come up close to the amazing coral and marine life that abound in these waters. You might like to try out “The Bight” on Norman Island. Here you can snorkel with parrotfish, brain coral, sea fans, sponges, and much more. Perhaps a shipwreck is more what you are looking for? Then the RMS Rhone might be of interest. Although it is better seen diving, it is still of great interest as a snorkeling spot. Or possibly swimming with sea turtles is the experience you have in mind. Maho Bay has snorkeling over sea grass beds and it’s common to see the sea turtles in the morning or late afternoon.

Popular Islands to Visit On A Virgin Island Charter

That capital of the BVIs is Road Town, Tortola. Road Town buzzes with activity and is a yachting hub with the hustle and bustle that one might expect of the capital of the largest island of the BVIs; however, Tortola also offers peaceful beaches and the serenity of Sage Mountain national park.

St. Thomas is a busy cruise ship destination with an abundance of shopping, restaurants, and easy plane access. Many people often choose to fly in to and out of St. Thomas to rendezvous with their yacht charter due to their convenient overseas flights. After all, Tortola is just a fast ferry ride away. But don’t automatically discount St. Thomas as “nothing to see here”. Secret Harbour is said to have some of the best snorkeling, especially for some of the younger ones, and Honeymoon Beach has amazing sand and views.

St. John offers excellent anchorages and snorkeling spots. Since St. John is 67% National Park, you’ll be able to enjoy swimming and beach activities without the disruption of waverunners or waterskis. Some great things to see in St. John include Irving National Park, The Reversing Falls, The New Brunswick Museum, and shopping at Saint John city market or Mongoose Junction.

A picture perfect island that you nearly have to stop at the minute you see it is Jost Van Dyke. You could hardly say you've been to the Virgin Islands if you didn't visit Foxy's Bar and Restaurant on Jost Van Dyke for a "Pain Killer". This is a drink that is guaranteed to relieve stress, tension, and whatever else might ail you! Foxy's boutique is also a great place to find souvenirs. "Main Street" is a great place for a stroll and is really just a path running down to the beach. Another fun place to find a drink is called the Soggy Dollar Bar in White Bay; named the Soggy Dollar Bar, because people swim in from their yachts and their dollars are soggy when they arrive.

Virgin Gorda is not only a popular, but a remarkable charter destination. It features a resort and beautiful beaches, along with a hiking trail to the top of Virgin Gorda Peak. There is exceptional diving and snorkeling offered on Virgin Gorda as well. The Virgin Gorda baths are world famous for their natural sea water pools that were created by wave action and the absence of gigantic plutonic granite boulders. Nearby Fallen Jerusalem offers outstanding snorkeling with schools of tropical fish. The wreck of the Chikuzen has been called one of the best diving wrecks in the Caribbean, and if you aren't a diver, snorkelers have found it amazing as well, as it offers a vast array of sea life. Enjoy a sail up to Virgin Gorda Sound and visit the famous Bitter End Resort, and if you are up for a little more adventure, you might have your captain arrange for kiteboarding here.

Ready to learn more about a Virgin Island charter?

It would be our pleasure to assist you in finding the perfect, fully crewed yacht for your vacation in the Virgin Islands. With so many islands to see and so many surprises to discover, you’ll be pleased with how flexible a charter is here. As you enjoy your charter you’ll love how you can change your itinerary as different opportunities arise. For free, unbiased advice, and to discuss what your vision of the perfect itinerary would be, please call, email, or use the “contact us” form!

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