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What Kinds of Yachts can I Charter?

This is an excellent question. The basic answer is one of three options: a motor yacht, a sailing yacht, or a catamaran. This section aims to define these yachts and describe the differences among them. We will also cover typical questions associated with choosing the yacht itself. This topic may seem overwhelming or hard to visualize, which is why we make ourselves available to you at any time to personally address your concerns. You may have seen the terms Mega yachts and Superyachts, those names refer more to the size of the yacht vs the type.

How Do I Choose Between Motor, Sail, or a Catamaran?

Motor yachts are normally the largest and fastest of your choices. They will be decked out with modern equipment, have the most interior space and provide a smooth, efficient cruise for your guests.

Sailing yachts embody the romance of life on the seas. Often without the price tag and eco-guilt of diesel, you will be able to fully enjoy the voyage itself as you peacefully island hop.

Catamarans are twin-hulled vessels with wider deck spaces and sailing catamarans offer the option to hoist the sails. The amount of time you end up spending in a catamaran's "outdoor space" makes this choice ideal in the Caribbean.

Sailing Yachts

Sailing yachts allow guests to experience the feel of the wind in their faces and the exciting sense of being under way under full sail. Nothing delivers more feeling of being one with the water and truely having a vacation on a yacht than being on a sailing yacht.

Don't worry about not knowing how to sail thou or what to do, the crew will do all that for you. No need to be afraid or nervous about never having been on a sailing yacht, it's a great experience to remember for a lifetime.

Sailing yachts come in two styles, mono hulls that you will recognize as the traditional single hull sailing boats, and Catamarans that have two hulls.

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Motor Yachts

Motor yachts are the type of yacht most often pictured as the type of yachts available for crewed yacht charter. There are certainly more of this type of yacht than any other worldwide. The size and amenities provided by motor yachts can be diverse and there is likely a Motor yacht to suit everyone's needs and budget. Such yachts may range from a 70' foot yacht with two or three crew to over 400' super yachts with countless crew. Regardless of size, guests can expect that their expectations of service and catering will be exceeded and guests will experience the yachting vacation of a lifetime.

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Catamaran Yachts

Catamarans are yachts with two hulls, and can be sailing yachts or motor yachts. An average length of a crewed catamaran might be 55' and rarely exceeds 80'. These yachts provide a surprising amount of interior and deck space for their length and are very popular in the islands for families and groups. In the Caribbean they are often available on an all inclusive basis which proves very popular to first time charter guests.

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Sailing Yachts

Chartering a Sailing Yacht.

Sailing yachts that can be chartered with a full crew vary in size from modest for one or two couples on a budget, to as lavish and large with the amenities the most discriminating clients would expect.

No Experience Required.

Sailing yachts will give you the feeling of the wind in your face with the boat moving through the water under sail alone.

To charter a fully crewed sailboat you don't have to know how to sail or have ever been on a sailboat before. Literally no experience required as the crew will take care of everything for you from service like in a fine hotel to hoisting the sails and navigating. No need to be afraid or nervous about never having been on a sailing yacht, it's a great experience to enjoy. Of course all sailing yachts also have motors so you can travel even when there is no wind, and in and out of harbors safely.

One Hull or Two?

Sailing yachts come in two styles, mono hulls that you will recognize as the traditional single hull sailing boats, and Catamarans that have two hulls. Both of these types of sailing yachts have their own advantages and are popular with guests.

Catamarans are wider and typically allow a central larger salon to relax in and more deck space to soak up the sun. With two hulls for accommodations there may be more privacy for guests and also more equal accommodations between the cabins. However the traditional single hull sailing yachts will guarantee the wonderful feeling of the boat moving as one with the water, leaning with the wind and the excitement of beimg on the water being propelling by nature.

Where can I Charter a Sailing Yacht?

Sailing yachts with full crews are available for charter worldwide but the Carribean islands probably have the widest and largest selection avaiable of both types of yachts, of all sizes large and small, and at all budgets.

In the Virgin Islands sailing yachts can often be chartered fully inclusive which make great once in a lifetime vacations in paradise.

Motor Yachts

Chartering a Motor Yacht.

Motor yachts can provide the ultimate luxury yacht charter vacation. They vary in size from very modest around 60' to over 400'. These yachts are available in all popular cruising destinations worldwide. These yachts may be referred to as powerboats, motor yachts, mega yachts and super yachts. The description is just a reference to the sheer wide range of yacht size covered by this type of yacht.

No Experience Required.

Fully crewed motor yachts allow a lavish pampered vacation to anyone. The larger yachts will have suffient crew to cater to the most demanding tastes and the Captain and deck crew will take care of everything required to operate the yacht. never been on a vacation on the water? Not a problem, think of it as being a luxury hotel just for you that is moved for you and your guests between locations. Interested in the Caribbean, mediterranean or further afield like Alaska, crewed private motor yachts will be available for charter.

Lavish Mega Yachts

The larger Motor yachts, often called Mega yachts can provide unparalleled service and comfort to their guests. They oftenfrequent destinations known as the high spots of society such as the south of France, or St Barts in the Caribbean as much as they can provide a luxury oasis in more isolated and private cruising areas such as the Exuma's in the Bahamas. Large yachts will have multiple decks of guest accomoations and can include such amenities as on-deck Jacuzzi's, fully equiped fitness rooms, wide selections of water toys, trained cabin staff and world class private chefs. All provided to deliver the ultimate in luxury personalised vacations yo you, the guest. Interior style and personal tastes are typically what separate these Super yachts from each other.

Elegant Motor Yachts

For most clients, and many first time private charter guests, a motor yacht around 100' will seem huge! after all that is about the size of two luxury buses one behind the other! A motor yacht of 100' might comfortably accomodate 6-8 guests with full crew and provide a great space to spend a vacation with family or friends. They often still include many of the amenties of a Mega yacht just on a smaller or more limited basis.

Comfortable and Fun Power boats

The smaller power boats available for charter can be compared amenity wise to sailing yachts of similar size. their size and available space onbaord will limit the number of crew and the number of guest cabins available. You can still expect a high level of crew service on these yachts, limited solely by the number of crew vs their ability and desire to provide excellent service. Guests are usually limited to 4 or 6 guests in smaller acommodations in these yachts and selections of such things as water toys are by default limited due to space. Have no hestitaion however that guests have great vacations that exceed their expections regardless of the size of yacht they charter.

Where can I Charter one of These Yachts?

Motor yachts of all sizes are typically available in all major popular charter locations worldwide. Your Charter specialists will guiide you through the selection process comparing amenities, crew, accomodations etc.

Crewed Catamarans

Chartering a Catamaran.

Catamarans are relatively new to the charter fleet but prove very popular with groups and families for vacations on the water. With two hulls providing more private accomodations than simialr length single hull sailboats plus great deck spaces they are becoming increasingly popular. While the majority are sailing catamarans, in recent years more power catamarans have become available in the crewed catamaran inventory.

No Experience Required.

The full crews aboard these catamarans allow a worry free vacation to anyone. No experience is required or needed to charter one of these catamarans and enjoy a vacation of a lifetime. Catamarans that sail or just use their motors all have common benefits of great spaces for groups and families to enjoy. They typically have large wide central salon between the hulls to lounge or dine in which can extend to the stern to the yacht outside. Often there is netting forward between the hulls and little can match the feel of lazing in the sun in the netting with the flow of water underneath you.

Power or Sail?

The accomodations and amenities on both types of catamarans will be very similar. Sailing catamarans have a much larger inventory however and all have engines too. The 'power catamarans available however will typically travel a little faster between destinations and are a great choice for guests a little nervous about sailing.

How many Guests?

Catamarans typically accomodate 6 to 10 guests with some being available for 12 guests. The width of these yachts allow privacy between cabins and provide a surprising amount of interior and deck space compared to the same length in in a single hull yacht.

Where can I charter a Catamaran?

Catamarans are available worldwide but the Carribean islands probably have the widest and largest selection avaiable of both types of catamarans and at all budgets.

In the British and US virgin islands, Catamarans can typically be chartered on a fully inclusive basis which makes these charters predictable in total cost and hence great 'once in a lifetime' vacations in a true vacation paradise.

The Four Charter Yacht Types

Mega Yachts

Mega yachts charter in all popular regions worldwide. Generally viewed as being over 101 feet in length, these magnificent yachts are each unique with extensive and diverse amenities onboard. Their capabilities based on their size and number of crew are also very diverse and we are constantly surprised by what the crews can deliver for charter guests. Opt for high-end luxuries, modern style, classic style, or sleek design. Continue Reading

Motor Yachts

Generally thought of as motor yachts less than 100 feet, also known as power yachts, these yachts will deliver custom vacations in luxury and service for smaller groups or budgets. Motor yachts are popular for charter vacations in all the popular cruising destinations worldwide, including the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Bahamas. Smaller size typically means greater choices, there simply are greater numbers of these yachts available! Continue Reading


Catamarans have two hulls which gives a different type and size of space for guests relative to their length. Catamaran charters provide exceptional charter vacations, particularly in the Caribbean where there is the greatest selection. Catamarans have decks large enough to accommodate families or groups of friends with their ample "outdoor space". Continue Reading

Sailing Yachts

Sailboats hail back to the original vessels that travelled and explored the world by sea long before there were motors and propellers! They all now have small motors to power them when the wind is not favorable, but they are still considered the most traditional vacation afloat. Many of our clients choose sailing yachts because they are an inherently upscale, yet provide an intimate vacation on the water. Continue Reading

Custom Charters Are Our Specialty

It takes much coordination to match client to yacht to destination, but we are experts and do the utmost to sync all three of these elements to create the perfect vacation. We manage to do this by understanding clients' needs, answering their questions, and then applying that information to our vast database of available yachts. The advice on our end is free to you; our guidance in choosing the right yacht and itinerary pays dividends when you have a successful trip! Whether you want to explore the Caribbean, Mediterranean, or anywhere else, we are the one and only company you need.

So, What Is the Best Way to Choose a Charter Yacht?

The simple answer, especially for clients who are unfamiliar with the types of yachts and their different attributes, is to seek the advice of a proven and experienced charter specialist. Of course, we'd like to tell you that you have already found the company to help you and we are waiting for your call!. Check out our reviews to see what we mean .

Ready for Some Personal Help Choosing a Yacht?

We are ready to help! Our specialists attend charter shows in popular cruising grounds to become familiar with charter yachts and how to choose a yacht, have been to the popular destinations, and have access to every fully crewed yacht available for charters there.

Contact a specialist - available 7 days a week to hlpe at no addition cost to you.