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    Abacos - A year round charter destination.

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Abacos yacht charters - choose from every crewed charter yacht.

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YES, unlike many others, we truly do have access to every crewed private charter yacht available to charter in the Abacos.

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The warmer months of spring and summer are ideal for taking a charter yacht around the Abaco Islands, which are located in the northernmost part of the Bahamas archipelago. The area of the southern Sea of Abaco and Marsh Harbour on Great Abaco, which serves as the focus of activity in the Abacos, are the two yacht cruising grounds that offer the greatest variety of activities. If you want to get a head start on your holiday, you may fly into Marsh Harbour's airport, which has daily connections to both Nassau and Florida.

Marsh Harbour and the Cays.

You may go snorkeling or scuba diving around the extensive, beautiful barrier reef that surrounds the Out Islands of Abaco if you use Marsh Harbour as your home base. Allow the crew to tender you to the nearby community of Man Of War, which is known for its boat construction industry and boasts a beautiful beach, stores, and island eateries. Request that the Captain bring the yacht into Hope Town on Elbow Cay. Ascend to the top of the well-known candy-striped lighthouse, take a leisurely stroll around the gorgeous streets, or explore the local museums, shops, and restaurants. Rent a golf cart to explore further afield. On the ocean side of White Sound on Elbow Cay, surfers have the opportunity to catch a few waves.

Snorkel and Beaches

After that, drop anchor at Tahiti Beach so you can go snorkeling or have lunch at Lubber's Quarters. After that, travel to the south in the direction of Lynyard Cay for even more snorkeling in the protected reefs of Sandy Cay, see the artists' colony in Little Harbour, have a good time at Pete's Pub, or search for blue holes in the Bight of Old Robinson. Also, make sure your charter yacht gets to Guana Cay in the north for the world-famous Nipper's Sunday Pig Roast. There won't be a single local person missing! Snorkel the stunning reefs that are located just off of Nipper's Beach, unwind in the calm waters of Baker's Bay, which is located directly across from the lagoon, play a round of golf at Treasure Cay Resort, or swim along its picture-perfect three-mile long beach.

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When to visit The Abacos?

The Abaco Islands are a popular tourist destination throughout the year, however certain periods of the year are more desirable than others. The weather patterns in southern Florida and the Abacos are quite comparable. The winters are unquestionably warmer than those experienced in climates located further north in the United States; however, temperatures do not consistently remain higher than 70 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the entire season; rather, there are brief and sporadic occurrences of lower temperatures. The weather is much warmer and more reliable during the summer and late spring, with the seas being more placid and the average daytime temperature being 85 degrees. Of course summer also brings the Bahamas into tropical storm season. Check out this link, if you haven't already: The climate of the Bahamas.

Client Reviews.

Are you interested in a chartered trip through the Abacos with a crew? Explore the beautiful islands of the Abacos archipelago by boat with your family and friends for a relaxing vacation. Read testimonials left by customers who have previously enjoyed an Abacos charter with our company. Read reviews here.

Are There Many Yachts to Choose From?

The line of outlying cays that may be visited in the Abacos makes them a favorite destination for cruisers and bareboat tourists due to the islands' ease of access to and from Marsh Harbor. Nonetheless, for fully crewed luxury vacations, they are not as popular as other options. Because there are typically no yacht choices established in the Abacos, customers who wish to begin their journey in this location are typically asked to pay a delivery cost from Florida or Nassau. There are other areas of the Bahamas that have shown to be quite popular with customers.

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Some websites that may be useful for additional information about the Bahamas.

Official site of the Bahamas.
The Bahamas page on Wikipedia.

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    Bahamas Yacht Charter
    The Bahamas - A year round charter destination.

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