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EXUMAS Yacht Charters

After the high life of Nassau, you'll look forward to visiting the islands of the EXUMAS and the world renowned Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. An exumas charter will give you a quieter place with pristine beaches, turquoise water, and protected coral reefs for your snorkeling pleasure. The diverse population of fish, wildlife, and natural vegetation is protected within the boundaries of the park, which means nothing may be removed from the water or land.

Shroud Cay

First stop is Shroud Cay. Snorkel in crystal clear water before taking a kayak or small tender through the shallow mangrove-fringed creeks on the interior. Continue to the ocean side where you'll find a perfect beach all to yourself. Or take the yacht tender to the nearby, exquisite beaches at the Hawksbill Cays.

The Park at Warderick Wells

Next is Warderick Wells, where your charter yacht might moor near the park headquarters or stop at a more secluded south anchorage. The yacht's tender can take you to spectacular diving sites in the "Wide Opening" or south to outlying small cays. Snorkeling at the nearby coral reef gardens will reveal an abundance of lobster, huge grouper, and a myriad of colorful reef fish for an unforgettable experience. Take a picnic to a deserted beach. Spend the afternoon walking the cleared paths to appreciate the Exumas' natural diversity.

Coral Gardens

Then anchor at Cambridge Cay. Snorkel around beautiful coral gardens and picnic at more deserted white sand beaches. Finally, snorkel into the caves at the nearby Rocky Dundas where the stalactite and stalagmite formations are eerily lit by overhead holes in the rocks. Your charter yacht captain will know all the best spots to visit in the Exuma Cays

When to Go On An Exumas Charter?

The Exumas are a year-round destination for charters having similar weather trends to south Florida. Winters are certainly warmer than more northern climates in the USA but typically can have short cooler snaps dipping below 70 degrees Summers and late spring are more consistent weather with calmer waters and hot days - average temp of 85 degrees, Bahamas weather.

Exuma Reviews.

Interested in an Exumas charter? One of the most popular Bahamas cruising grounds, the Exumas promise guests a peaceful time with your friends and family exploring often deserted beaches on the many islands and cays. This is the place where it's quite possible your footprints will be the only ones on a beach that day! Read charter reviews from clients we helped to book private yachts for a Bahamas vacation.

Are There Many Yachts to Choose From?

The Exumas are accessible from Nassau for charters on power yachts, so many Bahamas charters begin in Nassau, while many more charters are based in south Florida. You will have a good selection of yachts of all sizes for a charter in the Exumas. It's very popular.

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