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How to Choose a Yacht Charter Broker

Should I use a specialist or a travel agent?

You should choose a specialist charter broker, one with many years proven expertise specifically booking crewed private charters. The ideal charter broker will have those years of experience and will have attained membership in worldwide charter associations like MYBA. We have those decades of experience and attained our membership many years ago.

If I use one Charter Broker like you- Can I still choose from every crewed yacht?

YES, unlike many others, we truly do have access to every crewed private charter yacht available to charter in popular cruising grounds worldwide.

Do we have enough experience that you can trust?

YES, Respected worldwide, we have been helping clients plan fantastic crewed yacht charters worldwide for over 20 years!

How to choose a yacht charter broker in 6 steps.

1. Choose one solely focussed on you - Our founders over 20 years ago knew that exceptional personal service is the cornerstone of a successful business and that is the company culture today. That's why we go above and beyond to ensure that our customers receive the highest level of service possible, and our specialists are available to clients 7 days a week thruout the booking process through to the end of their charter.

2. Proven Knowledge and Experience - We were one of the first USA based companies to earn membership in the Worldwide Yachting Association 'MYBA', and have memberships in CYBA, AYCA, and IYBA. From the moment you contact us, you will be talking to a experienced charter broker, who will take the time to understand your yachting adventure ideas and provide you with amazing yacht charter options that match your ideas.

3. A Charter Broker is better than a tour company? Yes, a specialist charter broker is not only necessary, it's very prudent to use one. While it might seem like chartering directly through a tour company, travel agent, an owner or a captain someone knows would be the ideal (and cheapest) way to rent a yacht, it's not.

4. Yacht Charter is complicated and specialised It's easy to say " I can help you find a yacht" but other than the challenge of finding a suitable yacht to charter, the compelling reason to use a dedicated charter broker is simple:- Tour companies likely have the expertise for land based tours better than anyone but it is reality that yachting is so unique and the contracts used so specialised, that you will benefit hugely from the advice of a charter specialist - especially when it is provided with no additional cost to you.

5. Ability to find the right yacht, not any yacht? Yes, the most experienced charter brokers have access to every fully crewed, private yacht available for charter, they know the managers of the yachts, and know the right questions to ask of the managers regarding aspects of the various yachts each manager is responsible for. It is better for you to book your charter taking advantage of the advice of a true specialist yacht charter broker vs well meaning information from a vacation planner whose knowledge base is perhaps more land biased.

6. Choose a broker who is trusted by their peers, MYBA , the worldwide yachting association, was founded to ensure clients know they are dealing with a professional and trusted yacht charter broker. Chartering a yacht through a MYBA Member like us ensures you get professional expertise. Companies specifically have to earn membership in MYBA by having the right experience, references for successful charters, and proving their expertise and knowledge.

So - a specialist charter broker is needed YES, your broker represents you and only you. The right broker will know all the nuances that have to come together to booking a successful yacht charter for you.

How our charter expertise works for you

We are independent and work with all established luxury crewed yacht managers around the world without being biased or limited to presenting yachts to our clients from any particular fleet or set of charter yachts. Our role is to represent you, the client, as your charter broker, helping you identify the ideal yacht and providing unbiased and useful advice based on our experience, knowledge, and awareness of available charter yachts that may suit your particular needs. Our commitment is to you, the client, not to the owner.

The choice is yours, and we'd prefer of course you contact us, regardless however we'd certainly recommend you work with a charter broker you feel comfortable with and who understands your ideas and unique needs. We are happy to chat with you first without any obligation to see how we can help you.

Chartering a fully crewed yacht is a complex matter and often we talk to clients who have never chartered like this before. That's where we can excel as your broker! Our goal is that you remain excited about your vacation, and we’ll help you with all the details, perhaps even providing answers to questions you hadn’t considered.

More reasons to use a Specialist Charter Broker.

Memberships in the yachting organization's require different levels of qualification, but we believe it is important to both belong and contribute to our industry. Some of the requirements for membership typically include proving certain experience, knowledge, and participation. Typically requiring proof of a track record of successful charter bookings, establishing a knowledge of available yachts, managing clients deposits professionally, preparing, utilizing, and utilisation of the preferred contracts.

Charter specialists book private yachts for clients every day, year after year, which amounts to understanding every possible situation and being trained to expertly match client to yacht. There is no need for you to discover pitfalls from inexperience. They also participate in the major charter shows worldwide and interview the crew members on the yachts to learn which crews might suit different clients the best.

The very best charter brokers will be objective and unbiased. They want happy clients, and they want repeat business. Personally, we look forward to client reviews after their charters. We go above and beyond to ensure that our customers receive the highest level of service possible.

What Happens If Something Goes Wrong?

While the majority of yacht charters proceed happily and uneventfully, occasionally an issue may come up. In these very rare situations, we are here to be on your side helping solve the issue. All charter contracts are between the client and the actual owner of the yacht, so while we cannot dictate a solution for you with the owner, we can help you work towards a solution which satisfies you based on our experience and reputation within the industry.

Ready to talk to the right yacht charter broker?

We'd like you to choose us of course, but the most important factor is to work with someone qualified and who understands you. It's worth the time, and there is no extra charge to work with an expert like us.

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