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Sample Charter Itineraries

What's the best kept secret about these vacations?

Unlike predetermined cruise ship schedules, charter clients have the flexibility to go where the water takes them and move on when they're ready. Guests on a private charter can drop anchor at a little Caribbean cove they've just spotted or choose to stay another hour at the French Riviera markets that haven't closed shop yet. Anxious to get to the next destination? Just let the crew know!

Your Pace, Your Interests, It's Your Custom Yacht Charter Itinerary

Your only obligation is to return the yacht at the time and place that you initially agreed. Certain marinas have tight booking schedules, and the yacht itself may be spoken for past the date of your charter. Until that time though, the yacht's captain will do everything within reason to accommodate your pace. Staying when you want and leaving when you're ready maximizes your time on charter.


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Nassau, Eleuthera, Exumas, and Abacos - Year round sample charter itineraries See Itineraries

Personalized for You

Private yacht charter itineraries are planned uniquely for each yacht charter based on client preferences. Use these samplers to help your mind wander through the options before settling on an itinerary that works for you. Consider your ideal ports of call as well as which activities will entertain your group best. We are here to help guide you in terms of logistics and "can't miss" spots.

Once on board, the Captain will listen to your ideas and then volunteer his own based on sucessful past charters. Captains around the world have come to expect last minute changes and will accommodate all possible alterations. When clients travel to exciting destinations such as the South Pacific, New England, Caribbean, or Alaska, there's bound to be surprises along the way!

Truly Just Ideas for You

These sample charter itineraries really are just that, samples. We know it's easy to presume that like a cruise ship itinerary, when you see a list of ports and dates one will presume that is the plan. It bears repeating that your trip will follow its own unique charter itinerary. Think of it as your own personal yacht for the duration of your charter. You'll have an idea of where to go, and in what order, but as the days pass it will become fluid. These sample charter itineraries however are great for giving you ideas of where you might consider and as we have said before, the captain of your yacht will know the best itinerary based on expected weather, what your needs are, and what prior guests have commented on different harbors, both positive and negative.