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Making renting a yacht easy to understand

Most often referred to as a crewed yacht charter, it's easy to rent a yacht for a wonderful vacation, but we realise for many clients the process can seem very daunting and complicated. Our decades of experience means we have heard every question and can guide our clients thru the process to rent a yacht for a vacation of a lifetime.

We specialise in renting private yachts for vacations, typically lasting a week or more. A way to experience the luxury lifestyle on a 5 star vacation afloat. These holidays afloat have very little in common to renting a boat for an afternoon out!

Imagine a floating fully staffed villa where accomodations are lavish, the menus are to your preferences, and you are surrounded by your friends and family. You are treated as the owner while aboard and the crew pamper to your every need. Rental yachts with crew are available in all worldwide cruising locations.

What Can You Rent?

Clients can rent a sailboat, a catamaran, a large megayacht, or relatively smaller powerboat, and travel in their charter yacht to various ports or islands worldwide. This is usually a vacation for most of our clients, and the main variables in choosing are availability, size, types of yacht, locations, and budget. Most vessels can accomodate at least 4 guests sleeping aboard with options that can accomodate up to twelve and above.

There are two main kinds of yacht rentals. First there is bareboat where you literally rent a yacht like renting a car or motorhome. You do all the sailing, docking, cleaning, and cooking. Second is with a permanent crew where you are the guest and the crew takes care of everything else. you are totally pampered on your luxury yacht rental vacation.

We deal exclusively with this second type of yacht rental. Fully crewed yacht rentals are unique vacations, and we think you will be able to tell why we think this is the better type of rental after talking to one of our specialists.

Renting a yacht is not as easy as renting a car, but we can make it appear simple for you. It's what we specialize in and we think we do it very well after decades of experience. Every single day our specialists assist people in finding the right rental. They know exactly which questions to ask to figure out what style and size of yacht will suit you best to help you select the perfect yacht for your yacht rental experience. It's what we excel at, and it's available to you at absolutely no extra cost.

Want To Learn More about a Yacht Rental?

The best way we can help you with your yacht rental is to learn more about what you have in mind and then walk you through options that have been personalized for you and your guests.

Interested? Read more about how to choose a yacht to rent.

Why Choose Our Company?

We think our client reviews of their yacht vacations prove we are the right resource to help you with your yacht rental planning. We have decades of experience and memberships in the exclusive associations that ensure we stay up to date on matters affecting the yacht charter industry. Thru our relations we have built over the last 20 years we also have access to every available crewed yacht worldwide for our clients. Read some of past client reviews here >.

Have questions?

Our knowledge and experience renting yachts for client vacations is extensive. That knowledge gained over many years is available to you at no additional cost for you. We welcome your questions and hope you feel free to just ask away, we are available to discuss in more detail and share a sample blank rental contract with you at any time 7 days a week.

We specialize in one thing and one thing only - crewed private yacht rentals worldwide, and we have been doing this for a long time with many satisfied clients.

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