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Posts About Charter Vacations

We have helped clients arrange charters for many years and have acquired a feel fro the common questions clients may have about chartering a yacht.

Posted below, you will find articles about yacht chartering or things to do from a charter; we hope you find them useful! Check back often as we are adding articles regularly.

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Top 5 Things to Consider When Booking a Fully Crewed, Luxury Yacht Charter

When you book a fully crewed, luxury yacht charter, there are many things to consider. Many times there is almost too much to think about; it can be a little overwhelming! Here are five things to think about to get you started on the right path to have the ultimate yacht charter vacation...
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Euro exchange rate

A charter in Europe is likely to be priced in Euros and paid for in Euros, For a client outside Europe the exchange rate to Euros in prior years has been much higher than it has been this year and many clients are taking advantage of the savings.
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Do all brokers have access to the same yachts?

How can one charter broker have access to all available yachts? Do I have to check with multiple brokers to find the best yacht.
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Why is a private charter with full crew so Unique?

What’s so special about chartering a yacht in the Caribbean with a full crew? It's a matter of flexibility and ability to have a truly unique vacation in an ideal location.
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Personal Chef on a Private Yacht

Let the yacht's chef treat your tastebuds to a seafood smorgasbord on a private charter. Having a professional private chef for your vacation is one of the great benefits of a luxury crewed charter.
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Make the Most of Your Vacation Time

Learn more about why chartering a yacht is the most relaxing way to plan and enjoy a vacation. It's vacations best kept secret and we are here to help make it simple for you.
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To Motor or To Sail

Motor vs. Sail! Either way you'll get an unforgettable vacation. Not sure the difference or which type of yacht might suuit you best?
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Charter Activities

Choosing to charter in the winter means swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, and more! and not being on the same beach everyday is even better. Learn why a charter is a great way to explore in the winter.
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Independent Brokers - the advantage of using one

Use an independent broker to efficiently book a customized charter. Their advice is free and unbiased.
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