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    Why Charter a Yacht
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Why Charter a Private Yacht - answers from a proven expert.

Should I use a Charter Broker? Can I still choose from every crewed yacht?

YES, experienced Charter brokers can make the complex process easy for you and, unlike many others, we have access to every crewed private charter yacht available to charter in popular cruising grounds worldwide.

Is a Charter Brokers experience important?

YES, it's one thing for a broker to say they can help, it's another to have countless satisfied clients! Respected worldwide, we have been helping clients plan fantastic crewed yacht charters worldwide for over 20 years!

Why Charter A Yacht?

We are here to guide you through what may seem like a complicated and daunting process of finding and booking a charter yacht. letting you uncover the amazing rewards of chartering a yacht while also addressing some common questions and details new charterers should be aware of.

Regardless of the reason for your interest in private yacht charter, we can help understand why a private crewed yacht charter is often described as the vacation of a lifetime. It's one of the very best kept secrets in luxury travel.

If at any point you just want to stop looking and get personalized help, please just contact us for no obligation experienced assistance.

Our clients charter private yachts for many reasons; to celebrate special occasions, get the unique perspective of being on their own floating private luxury resort, visit destinations that are much easier to get to by water and they might not otherwise see, or generally enjoy the outside - travelling to different places on their own agenda and timescale.

What is a Yacht Charter Really Like?

Yacht charter is not exactly comparable to anything else. It combines familiar elements to become something different. What sets charters apart from cruises, villa rentals, and self-guided adventure trips is that on charter YOU determine the view, the agenda, the menus, the activities - all of which which change at your discretion, and YOU are continuously cared for by a trained crew.

Why a Yacht and Not a Villa?

People ask us about chartering a yacht because they want to experience something uniquely private and a complete change from their daily routine. They want to visit multiple exotic ports but only want to unpack once! They want to travel to experience a new destination but not be limited to accommodations that remain stationary. After all, who wants to make that same drive back every day to the same villa when you can have the "villa" move along with you!

Why a Yacht and Not a Cruise Ship?

Our clients opt for private yachts over cruise ships for a few key reasons.

First, the smaller size of even the largest private yacht affords privacy with your family and friends that a cruise ship simply cannot.

Second, the customizations of every charter revolve around your input regarding the itinerary and the food, menus are tailored to your likes and dislikes - truly a custom menu just for you - imagine having a private restaurant where every menu item each day was what you liked.

Third, yachts do not require ports nearly as deep as cruise ships need in order to safely anchor. Simply put, you can get up close to a myriad of harbors in a week's time that you could not on a cruise ship.

Fourth, the itinerary of your cruise will be customized to you and changeable by you during your vacation. Get to one harbor and it's not what you expected, you can move on right then. Like a destination more than expected, stay longer. Want to stop for a quick swim after lunch - just ask the captain. Think of a private yacht vacation this way - a cruise ship has a fixed itinerary and goes where it is planning to go. - a private yacht, goes where you want to go.

How Much Does a Yacht Charter Cost?

As you might expect, this is like asking how much does a car cost? the price range is too wide to be able to answer this question briefly. A brief conversation with one of our specialists covering your ideas and destination can get you a better answer tailored to you.

However, as an example, you should know that moderate sailing yachts can be chartered for as little as $20,000 per week, which is a tremendous deal when split by more than one party (i.e. two couples who want to vacation together). On the other hand, you also have the option to charter a large luxury mega yacht if you choose which might be in the hundreds of thousands.

How many Guests can I Bring?

The number of people in your party will factor into your choice of yacht. Motor yachts most often accommodate 6-12 guests while the majority of sailing yachts typically comfortably sleep 4-8. Catamarans can often accommodate more guests with 8-12 being common. In all types of yachts the selection of yachts that can accommodate more than 12 on charter is very limited.

You are not obliged to fill every berth but you also cannot bring more people than the yacht's prescribed number allows. For example, a couple can charter a yacht that sleeps 4-6, but a party of 7 cannot charter the same yacht.

What Will the Food Be Like?

Our first time charter guests typically comment that the meals exceeded their expectations Imagine it this way, it's like your private chef preparing just what you like to eat just for you every meal.

You may specify the exact meals and recipes you would like but more commonly the guests share their food preferences and give the chef permission to surprise. Chefs have the opportunity to incorporate local ingredients in your cuisine and most importantly allow the chef to show off their skills for you. Like we mentioned, even on the smallest yachts guests typically say they were amazed by the meals.

As you and our charter specialist go through the selection process, you will be asked to fill out a food preference questionnaire so that the crew can appropriately stock the yacht and plan the menus prior to your arrival.

Will My Children Have Things To Do?

The short answer is an undeniable "Yes!" You will have chosen a charter yacht that comes equipped with all the amenities that you indicated as important during your consultation with a yacht charter specialist.

What Does the Crew Do?

Perhaps you have a vague idea of what a yacht crew is. The crew is minimally comprised of a captain, chef/steward(ess) but can also include multiple deckhands and junior stewards if the yacht is large enough. We will help you understand the different levels of service you might expect between yachts that have different numbers of crew so you can make the ideal choice for you.

These are the people who will implement your itinerary, prepare and serve your meals, clean your stateroom, and give you advice on how to make the most of each and every port. One client mentioned for instance that they never were without a cool drink in their hands in the heat of the summer.

Can I Crew Myself?

Yes, but that is something we cannot help you with. The larger yachts with full crew are the only type of yacht charters we specialise in. Depending on the yacht, the captain may allow a guest to steer the yacht under supervision or handle the sails if they are sailors. This is always up to the captain however.

Do I have to Find the Crew?

No, you do not. Your charter specialist will take all of your criteria for a successful vacation into account and then present you with a list of appropriate yachts to choose from.

Can I Bring my Pet?

Typically NO. We have had a requests over the years from charter guests to bring pets on their charter. Many times the question becomes moot when the customs procedures of transporting pets between countries make it prohibitive or inpractical.

The Four Charter Yacht Types

Mega Yachts

Mega yachts charter in all popular regions worldwide. Generally viewed as being over 101 feet in length, these magnificent yachts are each unique with extensive and diverse amenities onboard. Their capabilities based on their size and number of crew are also very diverse and we are constantly surprised by what the crews can deliver for charter guests. Opt for high-end luxuries, modern style, classic style, or sleek design. Continue Reading

Motor Yachts

Generally thought of as motor yachts less than 100 feet, also known as power yachts, these yachts will deliver custom vacations in luxury and service for smaller groups or budgets. Motor yachts are popular for charter vacations in all the popular cruising destinations worldwide, including the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Bahamas. Smaller size typically means greater choices, there simply are greater numbers of these yachts available! Continue Reading


Catamarans have two hulls which gives a different type and size of space for guests relative to their length. Catamaran charters provide exceptional charter vacations, particularly in the Caribbean where there is the greatest selection. Catamarans have decks large enough to accommodate families or groups of friends with their ample "outdoor space". Continue Reading

Sailing Yachts

Sailboats hail back to the original vessels that travelled and explored the world by sea long before there were motors and propellers! They all now have small motors to power them when the wind is not favorable, but they are still considered the most traditional vacation afloat. Many of our clients choose sailing yachts because they are an inherently upscale, yet provide an intimate vacation on the water. Continue Reading

Custom Charters Are Our Specialty

It takes much coordination to match client to yacht to destination, but we are experts and do the utmost to sync all three of these elements to create the perfect vacation. We manage to do this by understanding clients' needs, answering their questions, and then applying that information to our vast database of available yachts. The advice on our end is free to you; our guidance in choosing the right yacht and itinerary pays dividends when you have a successful trip! Whether you want to explore the Caribbean, Mediterranean, or anywhere else, we are the one and only company you need.

So, What Is the Best Way to Choose a Charter Yacht?

The simple answer, especially for clients who are unfamiliar with the types of yachts and their different attributes, is to seek the advice of a proven and experienced charter specialist. Of course, we'd like to tell you that you have already found the company to help you and we are waiting for your call!. Check out our reviews to see what we mean .

Ready for Some Personal Help Choosing a Yacht?

We are ready to help! Our specialists attend charter shows in popular cruising grounds to become familiar with charter yachts and how to choose a yacht, have been to the popular destinations, and have access to every fully crewed yacht available for charters there.

Contact a specialist - available 7 days a week to hlpe at no addition cost to you.