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Every client is at a different point on the learning curve. Our job is to make sure you have a much better understanding of yacht charter after you'?ve talked to us. Some people approach us after already having done research and others not. We help people regardless of their level of expertise on the seas, their budget, or destination.

Our whole purpose is to make this an easy process for you and while you remain excited about the vacation we wi?ll handle the details for you ? and did we say, our help is at no additional cost to you.

Help you Choose the Right Yacht

Years' worth of guiding clients through the process of arranging charters has given us extensive experience with which to manage your expectations. We are able to confidently help you choose a yacht because we pull from a very large database of choices and because we use past client feedback to know what people like.

Help you Pick the Right Destination

Collaborating with you and the crew on the perfect itinerary is also our specialty. Depending on the time you want to travel and the make-up of your group, we will share our opinion on what ports you absolutely must visit, those that wouldn't suit your needs, those over or underrated etc.

Find the Best Yacht for your Budget

Everyone wants to talk budget, and we completely understand. Our role is to provide you with comprehensive and accurate figures and explain how those numbers was calculated. Arriving at the price is part of the selection process. You will then be instructed to fill out a Food Preference Questionnaire so the crew can properly prepare for your arrival.

Take Care of the Details

Signing the charter contract is standard procedure in order to secure the specific yacht you want. We will have pointed out the intricacies of making the booking and answered your contractual questions along the way. You will leave confidently prepared and very excited about your vacation of a lifetime.

In the words of our clients -

"Patty (our broker) was exceptionally helpful.

I had contacted a number of brokers, some of whom showed me the same yacht as Patty did, but given the ease and pleasant work with her, I preferred to book through her. She helped me sort out not only the yacht choices but also the location, as we had originally intended to go to the Cooks."

Claudia H. March 2012

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The Four Charter Yacht Types

Mega Yachts

Mega yachts charter in all popular regions worldwide. Generally viewed as being over 101 feet in length, these magnificent yachts are each unique with extensive and diverse amenities onboard. Their capabilities based on their size and number of crew are also very diverse and we are constantly surprised by what the crews can deliver for charter guests. Opt for high-end luxuries, modern style, classic style, or sleek design. Continue Reading

Motor Yachts

Generally thought of as motor yachts less than 100 feet, also known as power yachts, these yachts will deliver custom vacations in luxury and service for smaller groups or budgets. Motor yachts are popular for charter vacations in all the popular cruising destinations worldwide, including the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Bahamas. Smaller size typically means greater choices, there simply are greater numbers of these yachts available! Continue Reading


Catamarans have two hulls which gives a different type and size of space for guests relative to their length. Catamaran charters provide exceptional charter vacations, particularly in the Caribbean where there is the greatest selection. Catamarans have decks large enough to accommodate families or groups of friends with their ample "outdoor space". Continue Reading

Sailing Yachts

Sailboats hail back to the original vessels that travelled and explored the world by sea long before there were motors and propellers! They all now have small motors to power them when the wind is not favorable, but they are still considered the most traditional vacation afloat. Many of our clients choose sailing yachts because they are an inherently upscale, yet provide an intimate vacation on the water. Continue Reading

Custom Charters Are Our Specialty

It takes much coordination to match client to yacht to destination, but we are experts and do the utmost to sync all three of these elements to create the perfect vacation. We manage to do this by understanding clients' needs, answering their questions, and then applying that information to our vast database of available yachts. The advice on our end is free to you; our guidance in choosing the right yacht and itinerary pays dividends when you have a successful trip! Whether you want to explore the Caribbean, Mediterranean, or anywhere else, we are the one and only company you need.

So, What Is the Best Way to Choose a Charter Yacht?

The simple answer, especially for clients who are unfamiliar with the types of yachts and their different attributes, is to seek the advice of a proven and experienced charter specialist. Of course, we'd like to tell you that you have already found the company to help you and we are waiting for your call!. Check out our reviews to see what we mean .

Ready for Some Personal Help Choosing a Yacht?

We are ready to help! Our specialists attend charter shows in popular cruising grounds to become familiar with charter yachts and how to choose a yacht, have been to the popular destinations, and have access to every fully crewed yacht available for charters there.

Contact a specialist - available 7 days a week to hlpe at no addition cost to you.