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Private Yacht Charter

A vacation on a fully crewed private yacht is truly a unique and magical experience. Why? Chartering a yacht just for you and your guests to enjoy is very different from a cruise ship vacation, as it is tailored just for your preferences along with your own itinerary, your own excursions, your own chef, and the ability to stay in one place longer if you like, or leave early if a destination disappoints. Private charter yachts truely can provide a very personalised vacation.

On a private charter you unpack once and you will have a staff that works tirelessly to ensure that you have everything you need to have a fabulous vacation just like a rental villa; However, in addition to all that, instead of being stuck in one location, on a private boat you will be able to enjoy many locations as your "villa" is travelling with you. If one beach seems busy, you can move on to another. Or maybe you would like to do some sightseeing. You can escape from all of the other sightseers and you always have the perfect place to sunbathe right on your own deck!

Private Yachts for Every Budget

Our specialists have access to every available private yacht for our clients. online here you can browse a variety of crewed yachts available with weekly budgets between $20,000 to over $750,000. If you don’t see something that meets your requirements online, please let us know, as these are just a sampling. Our specialists will be happy to prepare a selection of available yachts that fit your criteria with no obligation and absolutely no cost to you. Whether you are looking to charter a private yacht for an intimate cruise for two or you are coordinating a large gathering, we will be able to help you plan a great vacation. The first step? Click to speak to one of our specialists we are here to help.

When you vacation on a yacht, the crew will take care of your needs to ensure you enjoy your well-earned break. In order for them to do that, they will need a completed Charter Preference Form. This form helps them get to know what you like and what you may like ahead of time . It is important to share specific things on this form, like allergies, any specific dislikes, and ages of younger party members.

Various Types of Private Yachts

There are countless private boats available for different tastes, activity levels, and budgets. You name it and it probably exists. Sailing yachts and motor yachts are for a couple, a small family, or small group. There are many boats available for parties between 6-10 and some choices also that can charter with 12 guests. yachts that can accomodate over 12 guests are far fewer in number and we can find them for you, additionally for larger groups, it is possible to charter two private yachts in tandem.

Endless Flexibility

One of the best things about a private yacht vacation is the flexibility. If you are particular about certain foods, the chef will be happy to plan for that, but if you are willing to be adventurous, the chef will be happy to tempt your palette with exotic local fare. For instance, after a day of shopping in the Caribbean maybe you have picked up fresh papaya, guava, or pineapple. Your chef will happily work that into the evening meal. You can’t get that type of service on a cruise ship!

No fixed itinerary is also a wonderful alternative. When you book your private yacht vacation, you will have a pre-arranged point to embark and a pre-arranged point to disembark. You will also have made a loose itinerary with your Captain; however, loose is the operative word here. This is just an initial plan. If you are at one point and you don’t care for the weather, you can move on to the next point. Or maybe you are in a location that is particularly pleasant and you’d like to stay longer, that’s your choice! Maybe you are underway and you spot the perfect snorkeling spot; tell the Captain and he can stop the yacht right there. Your itinerary is as flexible as you’d like it to be. The only requirement is to have the yacht back by the agreed upon time (which you may find more of a challenge than you originally thought).
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