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Where do yacht charters go - answers from a proven expert.

Do I need to use a different Charter broker for each destination?

NO, The answer is that our specialists have experience booking private charter yachts in all the major cruising destinations worldwide.

When is the best time to book and travel to any destination?

Our specialists will help you understand the pros and cons of various destinations based on what you like to do on vacation. Want to just soak up the sun in a peaceful destination - The out islands of the Bahamas might be ideal. Prefer more activities during the day and being seen at night? Then the South of France might be ideal etc.

Where Can I Charter a Private Yacht?

Common destinations, especially for those new to chartering, include the Bahamas, the Mediterranean, and the Caribbean and British Virgin Islands.

After determining where you would like to visit, consult our charter specialist about the best time to go. Booking farther in advance gives you a greater number of yachts to choose from.

Popular destinations include Caribbean Charters, Bahamas Charters, and Mediterranean Charters.

Where Can I Go on My Private Yacht?

Private yacht charters can go pretty much anywhere the water is deep enough for it to travel and they do not require the same deep harbors and commercial dockage that cruise ships do. As long as the yacht's captain can secure a mooring or dockage, or weather conditions permit safely anchoring, you can go where you would like to. That's the advantage of private yacht charter.

Our clients typically go to the Bahamas, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, or the Greek Isles. However if you want to explore Thailand or the U.S. Pacific Northwest by yacht, we can certainly arrange that too. Do not hesitate to approach us with your ideas.

What Itineraries are There?

Itineraries vary widely and depend upon your destinations of choice, the activities you want to do, and the amount of time you have. They are also fixed only to picking up the yacht where you planned to, staying within the planned cruising grounds stated on the charter contract, and returning to wherever the contract stated. While on charter you don;t have to stick to a fixed itinerary unless you want to.

Keep in mind that you do not necessarily have to begin and end your charter in the same port, nor start and end at the weekends. Private yachts do typically require a three day minimum however.

A few sample itineraries to browse, remember these are just ideas - your charter will be planned unique to you !

Eight days in the Bahamas.

A short flight for the USA and you are truely in the tropics. Wanting a short break or a beach all to yourselves? The Bahamas are an ideal destination to explore or sample a luxury yacht charter near to the mainland USA.

Ten days in the Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands are amougst the most popular charter destinations in the world. A week exploring this part of the Caribbean will give you clear blue water and lush green islands, rest, relaxation and as much fun and activity as you like.

Two weeks in the Mediterranean

The true been seen cruising destination in the world, the Mediterranean brings history, diverse activities, quite anchorages, nightlife and can cater to every charter guests interests.

Where Can I Board the Yacht?

Charter yacht vacations do not start and end on Saturdays in certain major ports like cruise ships, they can start and end based on your dates and often in smaller harbors. It's fully customised for you!

Though some ports are more popular among charter guests (e.g. Tortola, BVI or Nassau, Bahamas), there are actually charter vessels positioned around the globe. Where you board your charter totally depends on your chosen itinerary, and the answer could be nearly any port in the world!

We are here to guide you towards choosing the yacht that best suits your specific itinerary and amenity needs.

What Are the Best Seasons for Charter Travel?

A discussion with our charter specialist will give you specific answer to this question by destination. Because weather patterns are not consistent worldwide, the answer to this is not straightforward.

Even within one region, the "best time" depends on you. If you like crowds and action, you will enjoy busy seasons more than shoulder seasons. For example, you can go to the Caribbean year-round, but you will find storms more prevalent in the fall. Also the tradewinds fluctuate over the course of the year; where one client might want high winds for sailing, another client will think that is counter to the relaxed atmosphere he wants on vacation.

Things to take into account are holidays, peak travel times, and weather patterns. Again your charter specialist will outline all of this after you indicate where you want to go and what ambience you want once you are there.

Caribbean Yacht Charters.

The Caribbean offers multi-cultural island hopping, lush scenery, and plenty of secluded coves. The weather is always warm, and the spirit is decidedly carefree. The Caribbean's sea life is a spectacle in itself, and the availability of water sports means that there is a constant source of entertainment for you and your group. Though the shifting views and island cuisine keep everyone occupied and sated, the overall experience of a Caribbean yacht charter can really be quite peaceful - or as active as you like.

We divide the Caribbean into three areas for our clients to more easily consider their options. The Virgin Islands, Leeward Islands, and Windward Islands are distinct groups within the Caribbean. All of these areas have tremendous potential for spending quality family time. Read on to find out whether the Virgins, Leewards, or Windwards better suit your vacation needs.

Virgin Islands:

This set of islands is the closest to the United States and therefore presents an easy flight to your charter yacht. The US and British Virgin Islands are a wonderful first-time charter destination because of their closeness to mainland U.S.A. and the calm waters make for a nice transition into life on the sea. Visit on your charter yacht the hubs of Tortola and St. Thomas or soak up the wild nature of Virgin Gorda and St. John. Choices in the Virgin Islands are truely endless.

Leeward Islands:

Fly into St. Maarten or Antigua to catch up with your luxury private yacht in the Leeward Islands. This culturally diverse set of cosmopolitan ports will have you commercially fluent in English, French, and Dutch. You can shop high-end stores in St. Bart's, hit the spas in Anguilla, or take in a round of golf on Antigua & Barbuda. Prepare to be impressed with the elegant european island style of the Leewards.

Windward Islands:

The Windward Islands in the southern Caribbean are also called "The Grenadines." Come to this less developed, more exotic region of the Caribbean and experience the spice that the islands are known for. We suggest you fly into St. Vincent or Grenada to start your tour of the Windward islands rainforests, beaches, and reefs. While you're here, take advantage of the typically constant winds and set sail for Bequia, Canouan, Mustique, Petit St. Vincent, or the Tobago Cays.

Want to Browse some Yachts that Charter in the Caribbean?

Sailing in the Caribbean Islands

See a selection of large and small sailing yachts that charter in the Caribbean. Feel the wind in your face!

Megayachts and Motor yachts

See a sample of Motor yachts that charter from all three regions of the Caribbean.

Catamarans in the Caribbean

Browse some Caribbean catamarans, both the popular sailing Catamarans and a growing selection of power Cats.

Our selections online are just some of the luxury private yachts available for charter in the Caribbean. Our specialists have access to every fully crewed charter yacht available in the islands. Ask for a personalised charter yacht selection, that will include private yachts unavailable online.

Contact Us for a personalised selection.

Bahamas Yacht Charters

Take a quick flight to enjoy a slow vacation. The Bahamas is first and foremost an accessible destination. This is a year round hotspot that offers water sports, tropical scenery, deserted beaches, dazzling casinos, and proximity to the U.S. In the Bahamas you can truly unwind as the days linger and the responsibilities disappear. Vacation takes a vacation here, where the only difficulty is in deciding which colorful souvenir to buy.

The Bahamas is comprised of thousands of islands. Nassau, the capital on New Providence, offers a glance at Bahamian locals, shops, and cuisine and access to the world famous Atlantis resort and Casino.. As you head south to the Exumas, nature becomes the headliner that always steals the show. And the northern Bahamas deserve consideration, too, while much less popular for yacht charters - the Abacos, Treasure Cay, and Freeport all have their own island charms.


Charter from Nassau, it's the perfect start to your Bahamas vacation. The international airport is here, as is Atlantis Resort and Marina with its ample dockage and welcoming amenities. Nassau is a treasure trove of shopping deals, colonial architecture, and pirate paraphernalia! Get to know Nassau and neighboring Paradise Island to appreciate the Bahamas' stimulating side.


Anchor your yacht at Warderick Wells of the Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park. This protected area offers uncompromised sights like vibrant coral reefs and immaculate beaches. Snorkel or kayak these creature-friendly waters and mangrove mazes. Don't forget to have the yacht crew pack you a delicious beach picnic lunch to savor while relaxing on a stretch of perfectly white sand.

Other Choices:

Another grouping of islands can be found in the northern Bahamian chain. The Abacos are less frequented due to the allure of Nassau's nightlife and Exuma's eco-diversity. However, there is plenty to do here and fewer people to contend with. Let Marsh Harbour be your headquarters for exploring the Abacos' indigenous boat building community, local restaurants, surfing spots, or famed lighthouse.

Want to Browse some Yachts that Charter in the Bahamas?

Less than $35,000.

Fully crewed yachts starting at $25,000 per week which charter in these islands

$35,000 to $70,000.

Private fully crewed yachts in the Bahamas with charter rates starting at $50,000 a week

Yachts over $70,000

Luxury Megayachts starting at 75,000 per week for private yacht charters in the Bahamas

The results shown here online are just some of the luxury private yachts available for charter in the islands of the Bahamas. Our specialists have access to every fully crewed charter yacht available. Ask for a personalised charter yacht selection, including private yachts unavailable online.

Contact Us for a personalised selection.

What Charter Destinations are Available?

Fully crewed private yacht charters are available around the world, from the Caribbean to the South Pacific and everywhere in between. We are often asked the question: How many luxury private yachts are available for crewed charter? The answer is quite difficult to answer as yacht owners might put the yachts in and out of charter, or only make it avaialbe for a few months. In short, the list of available yachts changes constantly. The best way to identify which private charter yachts are available is to have a qualified yacht charter broker identify yachts for you in the destination and dates of your choice. Our brokers will always have the best and most current information available to them to share with you.

Do I have to use a Local Resource?

The world of fully crewed priavte yachts is one where, with a few exceptions, yachts move around to diferent destinations. If you are looking for an afternoon out on the water in a particular destination, then yes - the best resource we would recommend is probably a concierge at a high end resort where you will be staying. If however, you are wanting to charter for a longer period and sleep on the yacht while you explore a destination, then only a yacht charter broker who has access to all the private yachts and therefore access to their cruising plans and bookings will know which yachts will be where and when. Our brokers do have that access and are happy to help.

When is the Best Availability

The majority of charters occur in the most popular yachting vacation destinations such as the Caribbean , Bahamas , and the Mediterranean. Part of the reason for that is they are wonderful regions to explore from the water and owners like to use their yachts for their own usage in those same locations so the inventory is highest. For the same reason they prove very popular with charter clients and therefore owners looking for the most bookings will position their yachts in these destination where the greatest demand exists.

Regardess of chartering in the "top three' destinations or in a lesser travelled region, availability varies in every location is based upon the seasons and popularity. The winter holidays, for instance in the Caribbean and Bahamas book very early based on the New Years, Christmas and Easter holidays. Likewise the months of July and August in Europe, while having a large inventory, might have very limited availability for last minute bookings.

World Cruises?

There are often a few yachts each year that are on a 'world cruise' with the owners moving their yachts around the world to enjoy lesser known destinations such as Thailand and the islands of the South Pacific. One yacht recently even explored the Arctic regions for their owners. These yachts travelling the world can be available at these wonderful lesser known destinations when the owner is not using them. If the calendars match, or the client has flexibility then these are once in a lifetime opportunities to enjoy a luxury private cruise in destinations which usually have little or no availability of luxury yachts.

Ready for Some Personal Help Choosing a Yacht?

We are ready to help! Our specialists attend charter shows in popular cruising grounds to become familiar with charter yachts and how to choose a yacht, have been to the popular destinations, and have access to every fully crewed yacht available for charters there.

Contact a specialist - available 7 days a week to hlpe at no addition cost to you.