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Caribbean Yacht Charters

Paradise can be found in the beautiful islands of the Caribbean, which makes it the perfect destination for yachting. The lush, green canopies of the many various islands stand in stark contrast to the deep blue hues of the ocean waters, making island hopping a constant adventure. For those who like variety and tranquillity, the Caribbean has sandy beaches that range in color from white to pink to black, based solely on what they are made from. Caribbean islands are sure to have a harbor to please every charter guest!

This is your unique personal vacation and it is our goal to ensure that it is tailored just for you, which means you choose the islands you wish to explore, you decide the pace, and you choose the type of yacht that suits your needs. All types of yachts are available for your Caribbean crewed yacht vacation; mega yachts, motor yachts, catamarans, and sailing yachts.

With different parts of the Caribbean to explore - How do you choose which ones will interest you in the finite amount of time you have for your excursion? That’s where we come in! We offer expert advice on creating your perfect Caribbean charter itinerary, and we've been doing it for years!

Curious about what options there would be for your private yacht charter, what type of yacht might work best, what’s involved in choosing and booking a private yacht, and how unique your charter in the Caribbean can be. If so, you've certainly come to the right place for help.

Whatever type of yacht charter you have in mind, or the size of your party, our specialists will guide you in choosing the ideal yacht in the ideal destination for your Caribbean yacht charter.

Luxury island charter on private crewed yachts is what we do and it's all that we do! Read on...

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Charter a yacht in the BVI's


The British Virgin Islands include Tortola, Jost Van Dyke, Virgin Gorda, and more. There’s no better way to experience the waters and beaches of the BVI's than on a private charter with a full crew to pamper you. Of all the islands in the Caribbean, the Virgins are furthest north. This makes them very convenient due to the proximity to San Juan and due to their direct flights from the United States. Catamaran sailing vacations and crewed sailing charters are very popular in the islands, and their protected waters make them a favorite spot for guests that are taking their first private Caribbean yacht charter. To learn more about them:

About the Virgins
British Virgin Islands (BVIs)

Charter a yacht in the USVI


The U.S. Virgin Islands consist mainly of the three large islands of St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John. With lovely bays, long beaches, lush nature preserves, fabulous diving spots, and excellent, onshore evening entertainment, many choose to vacation in the USVI’s. Charters often visit both the BVI’s and USVI’s during the same week, as they are close to one another and the waters are generally calmer than in other parts of the Caribbean. They in general are also home to the largest fleet of crewed, all-inclusive, luxury catamarans. To find out more about them:

Charters in the Virgins
US Virgin islands (USVI)
St. Thomas
Charter a Caribbean yacht

Leeward Islands

The Leewards are situated in the middle of the Caribbean Island chain. The major airports are located on St. Maarten and Antigua. Due to the English, Dutch, and French influences everywhere you look, they exhibit the best example of cultural sophistication anywhere within the Caribbean. If you are looking to see where the rich and famous go on vacation, you will want to visit the island of St. Barts; for many this is a must stop for a Caribbean yacht charter. Many mega yachts are available for rental in St. Maarten, as it has become a popular mega yacht Caribbean base for the winter. To learn more about the Leewards:

Leeward Islands
Antigua & Barbuda
St. Maarten
St. Barts


The Grenadines are also called The Windward Islands. Oftentimes our guests will choose a sailing charter over a motor yacht when in the Grenadines, due to the more constant tropical breezes that occur. The islands are much less developed than the rest of the Caribbean, and the inhabitants live on their own time schedule, which enhances the feeling of getting away. The northern most island accessible by air is ST. Vincent, while the southern tip’s major airport is on Grenada. There are fewer Caribbean charter yachts based here; however, some charter yachts are happy to relocate in order to offer a vacation that happens a little off the beaten path. To find out more about the Grenadines:

The Grenadines

What Type of Charter Yacht?

There are all types of Caribbean yacht charters available, including mega yachts, power yachts, catamarans, and sailboats. You will select a private yacht with crew that has been matched to your unique needs for your ultimate Caribbean charter vacation. Learn more about different types of Caribbean yachts.

Once you’ve explained to us what your expectations are, we can explain to you the pros and cons of various types and sizes of yachts available in the Caribbean depending upon your intended purposes. Having helped countless guests visiting the Caribbean plan and charter a luxury yacht for a fantastic vacation, our specialists are experts and offer their services to you at no cost! We are here to help!

Where Can You Go?

Typically you’ll choose between the Virgins, Leewards, and the Grenadines to charter your yacht. Beyond the region, it is your Caribbean to explore. It’s important for you to remember that there is no cruise ship itinerary to worry about! Your itinerary will be designed specifically for you, with you, and is felexible to changes during your charter. We have put together some samples for you to get an idea of what you might like to do while on vacation in the Caribbean. Interested in seeing a sample cruise itinerary? All of our charters are planned just for you, visiting the Caribbean Islands that interest you, and staying as long as you like! Just remember, you do have to return the yacht!

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Browse different types of Charter Yachts in the Caribbean

Motor Yachts

This category of yachts include mega yachts, super yachts, and all sizes of power yachts. With the maximum space for guests, both inside and out, these types of yachts offer excellent vacations. You can choose from a fast, agile yacht, one that is high-end and luxurious, a yacht with a classic design, or one that is contemporary. This is one of the many choices you’ll have when you plan your vacation. See some yachts:-


Very popular in the Caribbean are catamarans, especially in the BVIs. Catamarans offer ample deck space that allows everyone to relax together during their charter, sharing the same views throughout the voyage. Caribbean based catamarans can typically accommodate between 6 and 12 guests. See some yachts:-

Sailing Yachts

If you are looking for a winter getaway, there is no better place to charter a sailing yacht than the Caribbean! Feel the warm, tropical breeze on your face. Experience the exhilaration as the wind fills the sails and the yacht is suddenly moved along by just the wind. Savor the magnificent beauty of the Caribbean as you sail silently from one island to the next. Although typically offering smaller spaces for guests, sailboats deliver a truly unique charter vacation experience. See some yachts:-

Find Your Perfect Yacht for a Caribbean yacht charter

To see the Caribbean yachts we have in our online database, please select a yacht type and your budget below. Please keep in mind that we do not have every available yacht online. There are many more yachts available for you to choose from when you contact one of our specialists.

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Sample Charter Yachts in the Caribbean

SEACLUSION. Pamper yourself and your guests in this 80 foot Sunreef built sailing catamaran. She offers accommodations for as many as eight guests in four luxurious cabins. You and your guests can enjoy exciting journeys in the lovely waters of the Cairbbean Virgin or Windward Islands any time of the year. She also has a wide variety of watersports from waterskis, kneeboard, tube, and much more!

TOP FIVE II. Get ready for adventure when you step on board the 200' mega yacht Top Five II. You and your guests will find plenty to do, as she offers plentiful spaces for lying out to enjoy the sun, a swimming pool, al fresco bar with barbecue, on deck Jacuzzi, and a plethora of water toys.

ALPHA ZULU. If you are ready to embark on a yacht charter of opulence and excitement, take a look at the 114' Alpha Zulu. This Sunseeker built mega yacht offers five well-appointed cabins, a luxurious flybridge with on deck Jacuzzi, bow with forward facing sunbeds, plentiful conversational areas, and a whole lot more.

PAPAITO. The 120 foot mega yacht Papaito has been designed to give the feel and impression of a much larger yacht. She offers an impressive list of amenities, including a sky lounge with conversational area, game table, and exercise bike, aft deck with al fresco dining, and flybridge with on deck Jacuzzi. For your pleasure in the water, she has a full beam swim platform and a whole list of water toys.

JUSTIFIED HORIZONS. Brand new in 2021, Justified Horizons is a 65 foot, Lagoon built sailing catamaran with five queen, en-suite cabins. You and your guests can relish a wide variety of watersports, including a 15 foot tender, waterskis, tube, wakeboard, double kayak, floating mats, standup paddleboards, fishing gear, onboard diving, and more.

ASTERIA. The 160-foot mega yacht Asteria is ready to give you and your guests a luxurious charter in the beautiful waters of the Carribbean. She offers a large main salon, game room, formal dining, spacious on deck lounging area, and on deck Jacuzzi. You and your guests can also enjoy a long list of water toys throughout your journey.

Caribbean Charters - When To Go.

One of the lovely things about the Caribbean is that the temperatures remain consistent throughout the year; however, there are some other weather considerations that you will want to factor in when making your caribbean yachting vacation plans. Read More....

Vacations here are most popular between November and July.

If you are thinking of a megayacht, you will want to keep in mind that many of these private yachts which are Caribbean based in winter leave in the late spring and early summer months. They will return again in early winter; however, this does limit their availability. To charter a mega yacht, you will want to make sure that you do so well in advance.

Motor, sail, or catamaran yachts, on the other hand, often have selections available year round. Holidays like Christmas, New Year’s, and Easter do need to be planned for as early as possible as these are very popular charter times.

The availability for Caribbean charters can also be affected by the weather in other climates, for instance, when the severity of the weather is bad in the United States or Europe, especially between January and February, the charters are often booked. This is due to many clients looking for a break from the cold.

What Do Our Clients Say About The Caribbean?

Are you excited yet? You should be! Our clients have enjoyed fantastic Caribbean vacations. There is an endless number of places to visit in the Caribbean, from smaller islands to absolutely must be seen locations like St. Barts. Read some of our Caribbean charter reviews from clients who booked a Caribbean charter with us.

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