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Frequently asked questions about fully crewed private charters.

Frequently Asked Questions about Yacht Charter

Chartering a fully crewed private yacht for a vacation is not an everyday event. For many clients it's an infrequent or once in a lifetime experience. Clients often quickly find out that it seems overwhelming and not as easy as booking a hotel, cruise or resort. That's where we come in! Our mission is to make it easy for you to plan the vacation of a lifetime.

Questions To Ask Before Chartering

How will I know I've found a good charter broker?

You'll know you've found the right broker when you are completely comfortable discussing your preferences with him/her and you are confident in the advice you receive. It's important the broker is capable of listening to your needs and answering your questions in a timely, professional manner. Obviously the broker must have knowledge specific to yacht charters, not just general cruising. International Yacht Charter Group only employs people who are already well acquained with this niche market. Our brokers have repeat clients, which shows a high level of customer satisfaction.

Being acknowledged in the industry is another measure. Our company is one of the few U.S. based companies that meets the stringent requirements for membership in the premier industry organization, the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association. Our other memberships include the Charter Yacht Brokers Association, Florida Yacht Brokers Association, and the American Yacht Charter Association. Read more about yacht charter brokers.

Where will my yacht charter start and end?

Fully crewed luxury yachts are available in all major cruising waters around the world. Unlike cruise ships, they do not limit themselves to fixed duration sailings so you can start and end your charter at the time and place you want. We are here to help you plan suitable start and end points contingent upon your complete list of preferences.

How will I pass the time on a yacht charter?

Consider your charter yacht as your traveling luxury home that takes you to various islands or ports to explore at your own pace. The charter yacht will be your floating water sports platform, your observation deck, your fine dining restaurant, and your relaxation quarters. Use the time on charter to swim, water ski, snorkel, sight see, try new foods, sunbathe, and catch up on reading.

You'll have 360 degree views and a schedule that is all your own.

Do I need qualifications?

NO!, You'll just need to be open to the wonderful world of marine travel and be able to truly enjoy one of the most unique vacation experiences you can imagine! The captain and crew will take care of maneuvering the yacht plus they will handle all the cooking and cleaning. You will need your passport and the incomparable ability to relax, though. Since you're not shopping for food or making the beds, you will be expected to have a good time!

Can I be reached while on charter?

Many larger yachts have SAT phone capability, and many locations have cell coverage if you have a GSM phone. Some yachts also have internet access via satellite. There are extra charges for this, and cell coverage may be limited. Simply put, if you are on a very remote anchorage without a house or person in sight, your cell phone may not work. We will provide you with the yacht's contact information to share with your family and friends before you leave.

How Do I Choose The Right Yacht?

That's where we come in! Helping clients find the perfect yacht is exactly what we do. This is our main business function, and no other company caters to their clients the way we do.

From the first call, you become a priority. Our brokers have many years of experience and will use their knowledge, combined with your input, to determine the best yacht for your particular vacation. We travel to destinations worldwide, inspect yachts every year, and get to know various crews. All of this adds up to current, accurate information to share with clients. Our educated opinions, together with your preferences, lead us to the right yacht. Read more about yacht charter choices.

Basic Questions We'll Ask You

Who will be in your party?

The size and make up of your group will help us identify yachts with the appropriate number/type of staterooms. Party members' ages and interests will help further ensure the yacht is correctly equipped and crewed.

When will you be going?

Though yachts are typically available on a weekly or daily basis, they are also known to move around to meet the needs of their clients. The sooner we pinpoint your preferred dates (and destinations), the better able we are to find a selection of available yachts. Yachts and destinations vary in popularity; some charters are pre-booked a year in advance.

Would you prefer a motor or sailing yacht?

Motor yachts travel faster and tend to be larger, typically appealing to those seeking a luxurious, elegant vacation. Sailing yachts, while also luxurious, tend to accommodate fewer guests and appeal to those who have a romance with the sea and an appreciation for tradition. Sailing yacht charters may be fully inclusive of meals and fuel, whereas motor yacht charters would normally charge for meals and fuel in addition to the base fee.

What is your total budget?

Knowing how much you want to spend is the last element in finding the ideal yacht for you. Your charter budget should include everything except the travel costs to/from your destination. In other words, the charter budget will cover accommodations, meals, beverages, and associated gratuities for all in your party.

How We Help You.

International Yacht Charter Group does not represent a limited set of charter yachts. We have access to countless charter yachts worldwide and have the largest selection available for you to browse online. We will talk on the phone to get to know you better and to learn what you are looking for. After researching and discussing options with private yacht managers, we would then present you with the full details of a number of available yachts.

Once you have reviewed the initial suggestions, we will explain the terms of each and then identify further choices based on your feedback until we find your ideal charter yacht. We personally visit many yachts each year in different charter destinations to ensure we have a working knowledge of today's fleet.

We'll help you with an itinerary, communicate your preferences to the crew, and remain available to you throughout all stages of the charter. We are happy to work with you over several days or several months until we find your perfect yacht charter.

Common Questions Once the Yacht is Chosen

How is the yacht reserved?

All yachts are booked using a type of Charter Agreement. The terms may seem overwhelming at first, but we are there to explain the process and ensure that you are satisfied with the agreement. All questions regarding the yacht's Captain or owner will be answered prior to reservation.

How much will I pay for a deposit?

Once you are ready to sign the agreement, you will be asked for a 50% down payment. This, with the fully signed agreement, constitutes a confirmed booking of the yacht.

Can I choose the food?

You will be sent a fairly detailed questionnaire asking you about food and beverage preferences as well as any dietary or medical conditions in your party. This is critical so that your crew will have the yacht properly provisioned, with everything customized for you to enjoy the perfect charter.

When do I have to make the final payment?

Final payment and usually your APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance) are due 30 days prior to departure. The APA is based on your cruising plans, which we will have discussed during the selection process. If the APA is listed in the charter agreement terms, then you will be asked to cover this at the same time as your final payment. During your charter the Captain will monitor outgoings and will reconcile actual expenses against the advance funds at the end of your charter or shortly afterwards.

What if I have to cancel?

The charter agreement will document what happens in various circumstances if the charter is cancelled. Cancellation insurance is available to protect your funds should unforeseen circumstances prevent or cut short your charter. Ask your charter professional about these options as you complete your charter selection.

What are the Captain's responsibilities?

A luxury yacht charter is customized to your needs. The Captain will always try to comply with your wishes, and he may be able to present various new possibilities along the way. However, his primary responsibility is for the safety of his passengers and the yacht and, should a circumstance arise, he has the final decision on safety issues.

What is the standard gratuity rate?

At the end of every charter, at your discretion, it is customary to tip the Captain and crew. If you have had a wonderful time and think it was due to long hours and attention to detail by the crew, then 15% of the base charter fee is reasonable. Exceptional service often warrants 20% or higher.

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