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Can I use one broker and have choice of every yacht?

Absolutely Yes!

That's right, the simple answer is absolutely yes.

You just need to choose a specialistcharter broker that has access to every fully crewed yacht available for private charter. Maybe that sounds complicated? How do you find one?

Simple again! You already have found a perfect charter broker if you are reading this post. International Yacht Charter Group specialises in one thing only, finding the ideal match between guests and fully crewed yachts and has earned memberships in the major yachting associations worldwide. Additionally we have access to the most comprehensive lists of available yachts available worldwide - Yes! one stop, a proven qualifed broker, available 7 days a week and choose from every available charter yacht!

How Can That Be?

Charter guests , particularly those new to charter, can understandably have the impressions that they need to search different sites for yachts and then inquire with each one on each company’s yachts. The reality is we operate much like real estate and hence established charter brokers with full access , have access to every available yacht managed by proven charter managers.

What Yachts Are Shown Online?

We only show a sample of charter yachts on our web site but our personalised charter proposals include yachts not shown online.

Other sites will likely operate similarly as yachts come and go from the charter fleet all throughout the year. For a given yacht, an owner might also vary prices for different seasons or occasionally within seasons. For that reason we choose to show only a starting from price online and will confirm a specific charter rate for each client.

One Stop Shop.

The world of fully crewed private charters is relatively small and exclusive. We aim to provide a “one stop shop” for clients planning a luxury private yacht vacation that is fully crewed. No need to waste time and confusion when deciding between many charter yachts from multiple brokers.

Who Will Give Me The Best Price?

What about prices, maybe one broker is less expensive than another? The prices are in reality set by each yachts owner regardless of which charter broker a client chooses to work with. Hence, we can provide you with the best available price for any given charter.

What Is The Difference Between Brokers?

So why work with one broker vs another? Again, like real estate, chose a broker who you like interacting with and has access to all the yachts. We would suggest that you use a broker who has years of experience and the client post charter views to back that up, one who is available when you want assistance vs just office hours, and one who “answers your questions before you have even asked them!”.

We of course believe that our brokers are the very best around and we’ll be happy to have one of them call or email you to prove it.

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