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What’s So Special About Chartering A Yacht In The Caribbean

Once In A Lifetime Experience

Our clients have told us, in words better than we could create, that a Caribbean charter gave them and their families or friends a simply unforgettable vacation with once in a lifetime experiences above and below the water. Time to enjoy the warmth but especially time to enjoy the company of people close to them in a perfect, private and pampered environment. Of course we'd prefer you fall in love with your charter experience so much that you'll call us to go back again!

Ideal Environment

Sometimes that has been to provide the ideal family space to celebrate a special occasion or simply an environment where perhaps technology doesn't rule every moment of their children’s lives and the family is truly together enjoying 'family time'. Sometimes it's the restful time away from the high paced corporate life with friends.

Even on occasion perhaps the last 'couples trip' before families are planned and born. Something about the environment of yacht functioning as a floating villa where everyone’s needs are taken care of by the crew, the feel of being surrounded by water and in any direction the views are amazing creates an inward focus to what’s important vs the easy distractions today we all deal with every day.

Unpack Just Once

Coral reefs, crystal clear warm blue water, surrounded by dark green tropical islands – it all creates a picture book image of the Caribbean.Not all islands are the same, each has it’s own uniqueness to explore on land and in the water surrounding them. Can a resort of villa offer the ability to travel between and around these islands at will, changing location daily, a few times a day or whenever you like? And all without unpacking once you arrive. That's one beauty of a crewed charter on a private yacht!

A Million Miles to Explore

There’s nearly a million square miles of waters that make up the Caribbean waters. Each square mile is part of the Caribbean's brilliant clear blue waters; clear blue skies and lovely temperatures almost always top them.

A Vacation Of A Lifetime

Depending what destination you choose to cruise on a charter, you may experience colonial New England, French culture, European influences, or just soak in the true island time Caribbean culture. Any mix is your choice for a few days or a week or more on your fully crewed charter.

The true beauty of fully crewed charter is not being locked to one location, not being locked to a cruise ship schedule, not being locked to anything except your own relaxed mood of the day while enjoying the warm waters on a vacation of a lifetime.

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