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Alaska Charter Information

An Alaskan charter vacation is bound to be an unforgettable experience. Imagine an untouched paradise that you get to view in luxurious comfort from the decks of your own private yacht. Glaciers, desolate sounds, and wildlife surround you. And to match Alaska's idyllic stillness, a charter allows you to set your own lingering pace and agenda. We'll find you the perfect Alaska yacht with a captain who knows the very best places in Alaska and a crew who will work to keep you comfortably entertained.

Alaska - Long Days Surrounded by Nature:

On your vacation in Alaska you'll experience long summer days where you can relax onboard and enjoy the onboard amenities or maybe do a little fishing. Partake in outstanding, fresh dinners while you experience the unparalleled extravagance of the breathtaking Alaska scenery. These vacations offers once-in-a-lifetime nature experiences to be enjoyed just with your friends and family. These vacations can go where large cruise ships cannot in Alaska and that will make a private Alaska option such as this even more unique. If you request, the yacht can arrange for an on board Alaska naturalist who will further enrich your appreciation of the sights and sounds . From breaching whales to glacial ice, each day in Alaska brings more beauty than the last!

Exploring The Alaska Coast

It's true, few people will not be filled with awe at the beauty of blue glacier water, white snowcapped mountains, and an endless variety of wildlife here in Alaska. Perhaps your itinerary will include Sitka, where the "onion domes" of Orthodox churches mingle with totem poles of ancient Indian cultures providing a curious cultural mix.

There was gold in these Alaskan mountains, and the Klondike legacy can be found in Wrangell on the edge of the Tongass National Forest and in the tiny five-block gateway of Skagway.

Marking the northern end of the "Inside Passage" is Glacier Bay National Park. The photos you may have seen cannot prepare you for the reality of sixteen active tidewater glaciers displaying the dynamic power of these geologic forces in action.

Surrounding you will be the legendary Alaska wildlife--Humpback Whales, distinctive black and white Orcas, colonies of basking sea lions and seals, bald eagles and, of course, the countless salmon.

Leaving from Juneau.

One possible alaska charter option would be to sail around the island of Admiralty National Monument, starting at and returning to Juneau. This is a good way to sample the wonders of the majestic expanse of Alaskan beauty while still allowing plenty of time for fishing and exploring in the long hours of summer daylight. From the deck of your own charter yacht, seeing one of the most unspoiled and picturesque natural wilderness areas in the world is an experience not to be missed.

One day may take you to Pack Creek Bear Observatory where you can watch and photograph bald eagles as well as the extensive bear population. If time allows, you may even catch them feeding in the salmon runs.

Wildlife will surround you. Look for sea lion colonies and Humpback Whales with their calves.

Be sure to have your Captain include the Sawyer Glaciers where your dream picture of Alaska will come true.

Further around the island you can visit the real frontier town of Tenekee Springs, and even take time to bask in the secluded hot-springs.

Your Alaska charter will be custom for you.

Each Alaska charter is tailored just to the guests onboard, and other destinations can serve as start and end points of your vacation, or you can do a one way trip. You and your Captain will have time to plan out the perfect trip to meet your unique interests and needs.

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