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How To Book a Yacht Charter - The short answer

Just let one of our charter brokers share their expertise with you, knowledge gained over the last twenty years. You will hear unbiased information on every available yacht in every cruising destination worldwide. Our specialty is timely, personal advice on how to book a yacht charter with crew. Regardless of your yacht size, budget, destination, or length of stay, we treat all clients with the same level of great service every time.

Our specialists will walk you through every detail and we are able to find and book all crewed charter yachts worldwide! We are have a proven track record who know the right questions to ask you so you book the perfect yacht for your vacation. The whole process is dictated by your input so that you remain comfortable, stress free, and excited about your upcoming vacation

The Long answer

You will ultimately need to choose the right charter broker, type of yacht, and itinerary to suit your needs. And this can seem quite complicated! However, once you get started in the right direction with a reputable broker, you will receive the advice you need to make the other decisions. We are an experienced unbiased company available to you at absolutely no cost.

Booking in Five Easy Steps

1. Choose a Yacht Charter Specialist.
Find a specialist who makes you feel comfortable with the process and who willingly seeks your input. This is the best way to ensure you book the charter yacht that best matches your needs. Choose a specialist without ties to specific charter yachts; you want information on the whole range of options, not limited to a small "in-house" selection. They should be experienced and knowledgable so that you will feel confident about your booking. Of course we hope you would choose us.

2. Select the Yacht and Destination.
Browse our web site to start gathering information about all your yacht and destination options. You will choose between motor and sailing yachts as well as what part of the world you want to explore. Our specialists book many yachts worldwide each year and have extensive knowledge about what will work best for individual clients.

3. Fill Out Paperwork.
Once the ideal yacht is chosen for the dates you want, it will be reserved with a yacht charter contract between you and the yacht owner. Booking a yacht charter is different from reserving a plane ticket or villa! A standardized contract is drawn up, which we simplify by explaining to you in detail. The signed contract and 50% deposit will prevent anyone else from booking the yacht.

4. Prepare to Travel.
Prior to boarding the yacht, your charter specialist and the Captain and crew will prepare the yacht for your vacation. You will have filled out a preference sheet regarding food, wine, and activities (as well as your arrival/departure information). That way the yacht will be provisioned according to your preferred items. The Captain will prepare a draft itinerary for your vacation based on your thoughts and ideas, which you are encouraged to discuss via email or phone prior to departure.

5. Enjoy your Vacation!
While on charter, the Captain and crew are obviously your primary point of contact for questions about activities, meals, etc. Your Captain and crew act as concierge for your land-based adventures and on board activities. We recommend discussing plans in advance whenever possible. Overall, a private charter means there is no fixed itinerary, and typically some plans change en route.

Furthermore, our specialists remain available seven days a week should you have any other questions or concerns while onboard (e.g. gratuity suggestions or activity substitutions). You will have your specialist's mobile number and their frequently-checked email address.

Renting or Chartering?

We are sometimes asked if there is a difference between renting a yacht and chartering a yacht, basically there isn't. You book a yacht charter by a use of a "yacht charter contract", so that is the term most often used by us. Read more >.

Where can you charter a fully crewed yachts?

Caribbean charter yacht


The Caribbean is a destination custom made for private yacht charters. It includes the British and US Virgin Islands, the Leewards, and the Grenadines! visit the Caribbean:-

Charter to Atlantis


The islands of the Bahamas, close to the USA mainland but truly an idyllic getaway destination for large yacht charters. Visit the pristine beauty of the Bahamas. visit the Bahamas:-

Mediterranean Charter


East or West is the choice for Mediterranean Yacht Charters. Diverse destinations include the South of France, the Balearics, Greece, Italy, Sardinia, Corsica, Croatia, and more. visit the Mediterranean:-

Alaska yacht charter


Clients wonder at the Alaskan frontier's natural wonders on their private yacht charters. Alaska's untouched paradise has blue glacial water and endlessly majestic wildlife. Visit Alaska:-

Charter yacht New england

New England

New England: charming harbors abound in this yacht charter destination. Between Newport, Martha's Vineyard, coastal Maine, and historic Boston. Visit New England:-

Pacific Islands

Fiji, French Polynesia, Bora Bora, Great Barrier reef, New Caledonia, and more . The South Pacific has a limited choice of charter yachts - but you'll be exploring paradise. Visit the Pacific:-

Mega Yachts

Mega yachts offer truly unique yacht charter vacations, and their amenities will amaze you. Opt for high-end comfort, modern technology, and larger crews. Find out what all to expect on board! see mega yachts

Motor Yachts

Experience a vacation on these yachts catering to smaller groups, or for smaller budgets. Smaller than Mega Yachts, these Charter Yachts deliver great vacations in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Bahamas. see motor yachts

Crewed Catamarans

Catamaran yacht charters provide an ideal luxury family vacation. Catamarans have decks large enough to accommodate families or groups of friends with their ample "outdoor space". see catamarans

Sailing Yachts

Clients who choose Sailing Yachts enjoy an inherently upscale luxury, yet traditional, vacation charter. Not as many choices of large yachts and with fewer amenities. See sailing yachts

Why Trust Our Company?

We truly are a one stop shop to book your yacht charter, with access to every fully crewed yacht available worldwide, if the ideal yacht exists and is available we can find it for you. Our expertise is proven by all the satisfied clients we have helped over the last twenty years. We also ONLY book yacht charters so we do not have any conflicts of interest with particular owners nor manage any yachts in charter. WE only represent you, our client.

Ready for some help?

Contact a specialist now and start getting your charter questions answered and choosing the ideal yacht for your vacation.