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Charters in Freeport & Lucaya

Freeport and Lucaya are popular tourist destinations on land, however they are not a very well-known, nor popular, yacht charter destination in the bahamas. Off the coast of Florida, there is access to a sizable international airport to fly to as well as ferry boat service.


The Bahamas may be accessed through the island of Freeport, which acts as one of the country's primary ports of entry. The Freeport International Airport is easily reachable from the principal cities located throughout the United States and Europe. However, there are currently no charter vessels that are headquartered in the Freeport region, mainly due to the fact that the bulk of popular charter locations in the Bahamas are located some distance away from the Freeport district. It is possible that you may find it more soothing to spend a few days here taking it easy and becoming acquainted with the surrounding area before beginning your private charter vacation from Nassau.

Although Freeport is the place where most of the commercial travel activity takes place, Lucaya is widely regarded as the place that best exemplifies the concept of a destination suitable for private sailing. It is possible to reach Lucaya from the southern shore by way of the Bell Channel, which is home to two opulent marinas. If you would prefer a setting that is less hectic, the Port Lucaya Marina, which is where most of the action takes place, is probably not the best choice for you. Instead, you might consider the Lucayan Village Marina, which has a more laid-back vibe. In either case, it is not common to find many charter yachts around this area.

In the event that you have the opportunity, you should take advantage of The Marketplace's 106 shops, restaurants, and drinking establishments. If you are interested in going to the casino or attending a concert at the Bahamian Resort and Casino, you will need to take a taxi to Freeport in order to do so. Freeport is also home to the International Bazaar, which you might also need to see.

You can go swimming and walking along the perfect beach that is located on the southern shore, or you can take a boat out to sea to explore diving and snorkeling locations. Both of these activities are available to you.

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A client request that includes Freeport is fairly rare, while it's fairly close to the coast of Florida it is not optimal for visiting other parts of the Bahamas and that leads to few requests compared to other locations. We are ready to get your call or email to discuss options or alternatives for you.

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