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Grand Bahama Island

After arriving at the Freeport International Airport located on Grand Bahama island, you would make your way to the Port Lucaya Marina if your are meeting a charter yacht there. Because of its proximity to the Port Lucaya Marketplace, which features 106 different restaurants, bars, and shops. However, while it's a popular place by land to visit, Grand Bahama is not a very popular yacht charter destination, and there are no yachts based there. The majority of our customers choose to travel to Nassau or the Exumas, therefore we don't get many requests for bookings from Great Bahama.

Old Bahama Bay

Old Bahama Bay Marina and Resort, located in Grand Bahama's picture-perfect West End area, is a destination worthy of its five stars. It's probable that you ought to look into it, so go ahead and do that. The journey from Freeport in the cab itself is an exciting experience in and of itself!

Linger awhile at Old Bahama Bay. You have the option of going sport fishing in the Gulf Stream, snorkeling on exotic reefs, or swimming in the dazzling ocean while looking out over the crystal clear pool. Make inquiries regarding the bonefishing flats that are located in the surrounding area. Enjoy a walk around the wooded paths and trails. Snorkeling, kayaking, and windsurfing are just some of the water sports that may be enjoyed in the calm seas just off the long, white beach.

Lucaya, Grand Bahama

During your time in Lucaya, you should make a trip to one of the national parks in the Bahamas. You can choose to go to the Rand Nature Center, the Lucayan National Park, or the Peterson Cay National Park. Snorkeling and scuba diving are two activities that can be enjoyed in the seas off the southern shore of Grand Bahama. You might also decide to do nothing except laze around on the beach and take advantage of the pleasant breeze.

Less Popular for Bookings.

The amount of reservations for charters visiting on Grand Bahama, West End, and Lucaya are all significantly lower than those on the other two islands. We have rarely had requests to go there or to start vacations there over the course of twenty years. As a consequence of this, as of this moment, we are not aware of any opportunities that are based in that location. If there was sufficient time, the yachts based elsewhere may be transferred nearby and chartering could begin there; however, the charter guests would be responsible for paying delivery fees. In short, this is a popular destination in the Bahamas, just not popular for charter guests

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A request that includes Grand Bahama as noted above is rare, while it's fairly close to the coast of Florida it is not optimal for visiting other parts of the Bahamas and that leads to few requests compared to other locations. We are ready to get your call or email to discuss options or alternatives for you.

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