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Explaining the various costs involved in chartering a yacht.

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How Much Does It Cost To Charter a Yacht?

Private yacht charter prices vary sigificantly, based on the size of the yacht, the type of yacht, how many crew, and where the yacht is cruising. There are also high and low season rates. We only arrange fully crewed luxury yacht charters, and for all bookings the yacht charter price, "charter fee", includes the cost of the yacht, the crew, and the yacht's insurance.

Private Yacht Charter Costs- "Plus Expenses" Rates.

For this type of pricing, the basic charter fee covers the yacht (equipment and amenities), its crew (plus their meals), and insurance coverage for the aforementioned.

Additional costs will include the running expenses for the yacht during the charter including fuel for the yacht, generators, tenders, water toys, dockage, port fees, and all other consumables like food and drinks. These are all considered charter expenses.

These other costs incurred are charged "at cost" with no markups. This provides fair pricing for all clients. A charter where the charterer wishes to cover large distances and wants to consume the very finest wines will obviously incur higher expense costs than a charterer who travels short distances and has more modest tastes in food and wine.

It is hard to predict such expenses in advance so this system has proven very popular for the majority of yachts. The charterers themselves control the costs, and the captain updates them as frequently as desired during the charter. Our charter specialist will be able to provide an outline of expected charter costs beforehand.

Can Rates Be "All Inclusive"?

Some yachts, typically smaller sailing yachts or crewed catamarans in the Caribbean, are priced using "All Inclusive" rates. This is also called "Caribbean Terms" based on its most common usage in that location. These all inclusive prices are rarely seen outside the Caribbean. The fixed nature of that location allows some yachts to predict the running costs of a vacation and the prices vary typically by season and the number of guests.

For yachts using this type of pricing, the basic charter fee includes all food, beverages, and fuel. Selections of wine and liquor vary by yacht but may be requested and included in the rate. Your specialist will communicate these differences when quoting the rate for any yacht.

See also our All Inclusive rates page for more information.

What About Crew?

We only deal with bookings for charter yachts which are fully crewed, the crew having been hired and selected by the yacht owner. The number of crew varies according to yacht size and amenities. The majority of yachts' prices fluctuate based on different dates and locations. Prices are defined by the owner and can change at any time prior to a finalized contract. Our charter specialist will explain the different rates so you can make the best choice to suit your time, budget, and stateroom needs.

Questions About Prices?

It's a common question for our specialists - "How much does a yacht charter cost". As you can tell on the brief outline above about luxury yacht charter prices it's a complicated answer - one which our specialists will make simple for you.

Our client services are available to you at no additional costs. We are happy to discuss details, expected charter rates, and any additional costs with you at any time without obligation.

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