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A sample charter itinerary.

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Antigua To St Maarten: Vacation with a View

This represents four stops of a charter starting from Antigua, visiting Saba, St Barts, and St Maarten primarily. Yacht charter itineraries are planned just for you and your guests on your chosen charter yacht. There is no concept of fixed itineraries! You'll discuss in the planning process an outline of where you would like to visit during this week and for how long.

Experience the secret of a private, luxury yacht charter - it's your vacation and you can go where you want to and stay for however long you like. You'll be dependant only on the weather and where your yacht can safely go.

Enjoy this sampler of where to go to see the highlights of the leeward islands of the Caribbean beginning in Antigua.

Day One:

Start this charter yacht vacation off right at Falmouth Harbour's modern marina in lovely Antigua. Get acquainted with your crew and staterooms, and then have lunch onboard the yacht as you take in the view. Sail over to Nonsuch Bay and the wonderfully undeveloped Green Island, both on Antigua's eastern side. Visit Harmony Hall where you can see an old sugar mill- a staple of colonial times in the Caribbean. If you anticipate lingering on Antigua, read our destination story so you go prepared.

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Days Two and Three:

Let the captain steer you toward Barbuda where heaven on earth is waiting to welcome you! Barbuda has pink beaches, clear water, and less of the bustle that is pervasive on Antigua. Barbuda is great for scuba diving, bird watching, hiking, fishing, and swimming. Busy yourself at the Frigate Bird Sanctuary or the Indian Cave petroglyph site. Calm yourself at a resort with an island drink and a refreshing dip in the water. Antigua & Barbuda constitute a two-island nation, and Barbuda fits the bill of the smaller, quieter sister.

Day Four:

Get your bearings on St. Barts by exploring the island in a mini-moke! This small, open car is perfect for slowly trolling the boutique-lined streets and catching the sweet aromas from street-side restaurants. St. Barts has no shortage of gorgeous beaches, either. You won’t get the full St. Barts experience without a trip to the beach, some high class shopping and a good dose of people watching- this place is also known to attract stars!

Day Five:

Extend your St. Barts stay and go to Isle Fourche just off the coast. Isle Fourche is a tiny, arid island with feral goat inhabitants instead of people! Climb the island's peak to get a good view of the surrounding area. Head back to the beach for a barbeque lunch. Spend the afternoon snorkeling and walking along the coast. Enjoy the sun and solitude on Isle Fourche before you climb aboard again to indulge in a delicious dinner on your yacht.

Day Six:

Sail on to Saba and fish along the way! Don't come here looking for beaches or fellow tourists, though. Instead, you will find white houses with green trim set into the face of steep mountainous terrain. Hike Mt. Scenery's 3084 feet and treat yourself to the view from the top. Saba is nothing without its volcanic peaks on land and terrific scuba diving down below. This is an adventure waiting to happen; you'll really appreciate your cozy stateroom at day's end! You can anchor here based on weather, but other overstays are not far.

Day Seven:

Get the most from an island by visiting two-in-one. St. Martin/St. Maarten is one island governed by two different nations. The French St. Martin and the Dutch St. Maarten co-exist peaceably and allow tourists to easily roam from one culture to the other. Go to French Marigot for sidewalk cafes and to Dutch Philipsburg for raucous clubs. The French side tends to be more relaxed, while the Dutch side (with its duty free shopping!) seems more animated. The island has great beaches, food, and plenty to drink wherever you are.

Day Eight:

Disembark at Marigot Bay and take one last lingering look at the Caribbean. Enjoy that final view from the plane as you head home to plan your next trip!

This Is Just a Sampler!

NOTE: This is intended as a suggestion, to give you an idea of where you may want to visit from Antigua or St Maarten on a charter yacht. You will work with your Captain to tailor your charter in these islands to your preferences both before and during your yacht charter. Alterations likely will be made along the way.

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