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Antigua and Barbuda

The Caribbean's Leeward Islands offer some of the best conditions for sailing, and people flock to the area because the combination of warm sun and steady winds can't be beat. Antigua & Barbuda is a nation with a reputation for fantastic sailing and many (365!) wonderful beaches. Antigua has the requisite deep harbor that boats love for maneuverability, and Antigua's English Harbor offers protected shelter from the elements. So why go to Antigua if you're not a sailor? For the landlubbing, of course!

Resort Beaches

The northwestern coast of Antigua has a couple noteworthy beaches: Dickenson Bay and Runaway Bay. The beaches are popular and will always keep your group entertained. The good part about being near one of Antigua's centers of activity is the abundance of amenities. Here in this area you will find restaurants, bars, sports, vendors, and street food. All of this- plus public restrooms- means that you will be amused and comfortable all day long.

St. John's Beaches

If you like staying near a main town, then spend a day in the coastal area surrounding St. John's. Both Fort James and Deep Bay offer a relaxing Caribbean beach experience. The land on which Fort James (an actual fort) was built is strategically important. For those of us more concerned with marine life than military plotting, this simply means that Fort James has terrific views of the region! Deep Bay is great for swimming, and the bay has a shipwreck that makes for wonderful snorkeling.

Southwestern Antigua

This section of the island is a bit less developed, which may appeal to some people. Ffryes Bay, Darkwood Beach, and Rendezvous Bay all come recommended. The nice part about being away from buildings and crowds is that you can reconnect with nature. Rendezvous Bay, for example, is near a farm, a nature park, and tropical hiking trails. When you're done lying on the beach, you can get up and explore inland for a change of scenery!

Family Beaches

Half Moon Bay is a beach that looks exactly like it sounds. This perfectly formed beach in a national park is a lovely piece of the island that you'll want to share with your family. Long Bay is also worth a visit. The reef protects the beach so you can enjoy a calm, safe afternoon. There are chairs and umbrellas to rent too - so everyone grab a spot and get comfortable!

Come for the Nature, Stay for a Drink

Antigua & Barbuda is a popular sailing destination that can accommodate any yacht with moorings and provisions. The country also hosts Antigua Sailing Week, a world-class regatta that attracts skilled competitors. The islands have many coral reefs that entice divers, and Barbuda is home to a fantastic bird sanctuary. For visitors who want a sense of history and culture, there is the Museum of Antigua & Barbuda with paintings, prints, and sugar plantation exhibits.

No island get-away is complete without a trip to the beach, and Antigua has you covered there too. Remember that the pink sands of Barbuda are just a boat ride away so feel free to visit those as well. And if you find yourself in the middle of regatta festivities, then be sure to drink a Dark 'n Stormy. Bottoms Up!

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