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What are the advantages of a Customized Luxury Charter

The secret about chartering a yacht is simply that it's the best vacation experience you can plan for a whole group. And the secret to getting it done right is to call a charter specialist who can break down the process into easy steps. They will keep you informed without overwhelming you so that your impending vacation remains exciting and fun!

Unique Experience

Chartering a yacht is the ultimate way to create a vacation that is specific to you. With the help of a yacht charter specialist, you will determine the size, type and budget for a yacht that best suits you, the appropriate length of your stay, and the perfect itinerary for your group. Chartering a yacht means you can go to any of the popular cruising locations in the world. If yachts go there, it's likely you can charter one there too. You can start, stop, and stay according to your needs. There are no lines, no strangers, and no schedules that you haven’t approved. The trip is truly what you make of it!

The broker (specialist) provides you with guidance, answers, and suggestions. But this is only the beginning! You will continue to be served, pampered, and assisted when you step onto the yacht. The crew on board will be familiar with your personal preference sheet and know how to cater to your group. The chef will prepare meals accordingly, the crew will introduce you to the on board entertainment, and the captain will serve as your guide, caretaker, and more.

Service within Budget

Everyone’s budget is different; we all know that. Be open about budget from the start so that you can narrow down the field of potentially suitable yachts. And keep your location in mind. If you choose an itinerary in the Bahamas, you will have to spend less on flights from the US than if you plan to meet your yacht in Tahiti. Less on flights might mean more ports of call on a longer stay or a larger yacht and more friends with you! Ask your broker how to strike the right balance. Regardless of yacht size and cost, the crew will take care of you in the best possible way. They want to see you happy and would love it if you returned next season!

Countless Activities

There’s never a dull moment on a chartered yacht! On a vacation to the Bahamas, for example, you will definitely want to take advantage of your yacht’s water toys. Besides swimming and beach combing, a charter yacht also allows you to try scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, water skiing, wind surfing, or possibly jet skiing! If you're in the Med, the best entertainment of all might be leisurely walks through portside villages. Your broker will have matched your interests to the yacht that comes with the right equipment. Let the crew help you discover a new vacation!

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