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Independent Brokers

The Best Advice Comes Free

If you are considering chartering a yacht, then you are already thinking outside the box. The fact that private charters fall outside the normal parameters of vacationing does not mean that there is a lack of options, though. On the contrary, there is an infinite combination of yachts to charter and itineraries to choose, which means the task of narrowing it down can be quite daunting. The best way to sensibly tackle this is to seek the help of an independent broker. You will want to engage a broker who is a good fit for your personality, who maintains high, unbiased standards, and who presents you with a manageable amount of choices.

Everyone Wins

The client/broker relationship is paramount because you want to be comfortable with him as a person as well as confident in his advice. Since the price point of chartering specific yachts is relatively fixed, your concern is to focus on the broker's personality and to find one who represents the overall aim of your trip. Feel free to call a couple brokers before settling on the one who is the best match for you. Here are a couple considerations: Is the broker anticipating my questions before I've even asked them? Is the broker capable of filtering my options so that he isn't missing the elements I'm most interested in?

Once a suitable broker is chosen, there are a number of benefits that come with the territory. First of all, the independent broker will give you an unbiased view. This isn't your neighborhood restaurant where the hostess merely seats you with the next available server; a yacht broker's only concern is customer satisfaction. The broker's entire reputation is staked on positive client experience. The broker is interested in setting the customer up with the perfect itinerary and is not worried about whether the captain or owner would have chosen this route. Best of all, the broker is free! Yacht owners and management companies pay the broker's fee.

We'll Handle the Paperwork

The independent broker is an ambassador for the yacht chartering world, and his duty is to serve your needs. The broker comes with the foresight of experience and the knowledge of all the places and players out there. The broker's confidence and expertise allow you access to this information, and you will be apprised of the details in a way that isn't overwhelming. Knowing that you have a competent broker on your side means you can relax. The broker handles contracts, insurance, and management companies so you can focus on packing.

You'll Enjoy the Trip

Independent brokers have access to a full range of crewed yachts. They are prepared to take their wide-angled view of yacht chartering and narrow that down to a reasonable perspective to suit you and your guests. Working with a broker is the most practical and efficient way to ensure a successful charter. This allows the client to make educated decisions about the myriad arrangements that go into a well-executed vacation. In yacht chartering the world is your oyster, and the broker is your means of extracting that perfect pearl of a trip!

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