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Sea Chef

Mealtime Help Is on the Way

Ever felt uninspired while uttering the phrase, "What's for dinner?" Were you afraid of the answer and also unwilling to cook for yourself? Well, going out for dinner is one solution. But a personal chef is another solution entirely! Most of us aren't in the personal-chef-tax-bracket; however, we would be perfectly happy with a chef for a week. The good news is that a private yacht vacation would rescue you from your daily routine and grant you a private chef while you're on board!

How It Works

If you charter a yacht for your next vacation, you can expect great service from the entire crew. The chef is an expert in his (or her) trade as well as being a competent sailor. You'll feel a special kinship to the chef as his job is to make recommendations while also customizing your dining experience. The chef will advise you where to eat on land, if that is your preference, or prepare a sumptuous feast on board so that you don't have to leave the comforts of your chartered yacht.

You will be asked to fill out a preference sheet (regarding food and activities) when you first agree to charter a yacht. The broker then informs the crew about your selections so that they may be prepared for your arrival. The chef will most likely attempt to incorporate local dishes into your menu while also being mindful of planning around your allergies and dietary restrictions. The whole point is for you to enjoy yourself at every turn. And don't be shy about what you want! The chef's duty is to accommodate you and make the most of your unique trip. If you picked up a fresh pineapple at port today, the chef will be happy to include it in the next meal!

Everyone Wins

Your chef is probably glad to be out of a restaurant's kitchen where the goal is to cook for many nameless patrons. In the galley aboard your charter yacht, the chef gets to take personalized care of the guests. Many yacht chefs have interesting, varied backgrounds so you will benefit greatly from letting him treat you to his best dishes. Yacht chefs have diverse repertoires so that meals aren't repeated, everyone gets to try new things, and no one is in a position to compromise his or her health plan.

Typical Offerings


Fruit platter with yogurt
Cereals, breads, and pastries
Eggs and bacon made to order

Meat or veggie wraps to take to the beach for a picnic
Salad Nicoise served on the aft deck of the yacht
Kid-friendly pasta dishes

International dishes
Steak and seafood
Cheese plate and dessert

The chef will embellish menus according to your tastes and try to play up the local ingredients. Ask for wine pairing suggestions and be specific about what you are not willing to try. Otherwise, let this be a vacation that is exotic for your eyes and your palate! Your personal on board chef will be professional and organized and ready to meet the challenge of keeping your stomach satisfied!

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