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Top 5 Things to Consider When Booking a Fully Crewed, Luxury Yacht Charter

When you book a fully crewed, luxury yacht charter, there are many things to consider. Many times there is almost too much to think about; it can be a little overwhelming! Here are five things to think about to get you started on the right path to have the ultimate yacht charter vacation:

  1. Destination will determine how many choices are available and how far in advance you may need to book, so you will want to think about where it is you'd like to go first. Are you looking to escape dreary weather? Then a trip to the Caribbean or Virgin Islands will be the perfect pick me up! Or perhaps the South Pacific has been calling you; think the islands of Fiji, The Marquesas Islands, or The Tuamotu Islands. Have you ever thought about a historical tour? The Mediterranean has so much to see in Rome, Italy, Greece, and France! Maybe you are a nature lover? How about a trip to Galapagos? Have you "been there, done that"? There are even some luxury yacht charters that will take you on high adventure to Antarctica!

  2. How many guests will be going? This will ultimately determine how large of yacht you will need. Will it just be Dad, Mom, and the kids? Is it you and a few of your closest friends? Are you planning a honeymoon for two? What about a corporate retreat? Once you've determined the guests that are going, it will be much easier to determine the sleeping arrangements. Some yachts offer convertible cabins, i.e. two twins that can be slid together to make a queen or some other configuration, but more often the cabins are set the way they are set. With this in mind, you may not want a yacht that has three queen beds in it if you have six singles going, conversely, you may not want a yacht with a queen and four singles if you have three couples going. Fortunately, there is such a variety of yachts, the sleeping arrangements can usually be accommodated just fine, but it's wise to know who is going first.

  3. What type of yacht charter will you be wanting to book? There are reasons to carefully consider each of the following choices:

    • Mega yachts - Found in many ports around the world, the mega yacht is considered to be over 101' long. In the Caribbean and Virgin Islands there are fewer choices during the summer than some other types of yachts; however, these do usually offer the most choices of watersports. You will find a wide variety of mega yachts to choose from in the Mediterranean.

    • Motor yachts - These yachts are less than 101' long. There smaller size allows for a much larger selection. These yachts are great for when you have a smaller group, when you have a tighter budget, or when you want to get from place to place faster.

    • Catamarans - The catamaran offers more stability than the traditional monohull sailboat. Like sailboats, you also spend less on fuel costs, as they are wind powered. The most popular destination with a wide variety of catamarans include the Virgin Islands, the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean. There are also catamarans that can be chartered in the Bahamas.

    • Sailboats - The feeling that wells up inside the first time you experience the sails fill with air and the yacht move across the surface of the water under the power of the wind, call it spiritual, call it magical, or maybe there isn't a word for it, but that oneness with the sea dates back eons. A traditional sailboat will provide you that feeling. These come in all different sizes. You can choose a smaller yacht and crew, and many times the crew is happy to let you help sail. Or maybe you'd like to sail in a regatta. In Greece there are many options of sailing gulets, a sailing vessel with pilot house, allowing much more light into the salon and more space throughout the interior.

  4. When will you be going? Sometimes the when is an open ended question and we would be happy to help you figure out when the best time to go on your fully crewed, luxury yacht charter, but here are a couple of things to keep in mind:
    • If you already have dates that you have to have, the earlier you schedule your charter, the more choices you will have.

    • If your dates are any of the major holidays, especially Christmas or New Year's, you will want to plan months or even a year or more in advance.

  5. What activities are most important? In order to choose the right fully crewed, luxury yacht charter it will be necessary to know what kind of activities you and your guests consider most important. As alluded to in number one, the world is open to you. A majority of the mega yachts and some of the motor yachts have on deck Jacuzzis and all yachts will have some type of watersports onboard, so you'll want to consider which, if any, are most important to you. Many places, such as the Caribbean, Virgin Islands, and South Pacific, offer excellent snorkeling and diving. Some areas are better for historical sightseeing. Others offer mountaineering. Exploring, shopping, watersports, wine tasting, explore art galleries and museums, just recuperating onboard, and the list goes on and on. Once you've determined what's essential to your group, you can start narrowing down which yachts will offer these choices.

After reading this article maybe you've been able to put together a list of a few things to get you started, or maybe you have more questions now than before. Please give us a call. One of our yacht charter professionals will be happy to assist you in answering all of your questions. We have been in this business for many years and we have a way of asking you questions you didn't even know you had. It will be our pleasure to help you plan your ultimate, fully crewed, luxury yacht charter or just answer any questions you may have.

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