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Sea Voyage to Venice

Europe by Yacht

What could be better than approaching Venice by yacht? This romantic town known for its canals is the perfect destination for boat savvy visitors. Charter a private yacht and sail the Adriatic, making that all-important stop in Venice... you won't regret it. Between the sunlight reflecting off waterways and buildings, you will find a vibrant vacation spot that is not easily forgotten.

If you time your travels correctly, you may experience Venice's pre-Lenten Carnavale celebration, the acclaimed International Film Fest (end of summer), or the Biennale (topics rotate every other year). If a crowded calendar isn't your idea of vacation, you can still find terrific Italian entertainment by simply going to church concerts, outdoor cafes, gelaterias, or the casino.

See the Sights

1. Mercato Rialto is a must. Embellish the chef's menu by picking up fresh produce or fish. Cap off the evening with your new Prosecco purchase. Raise a glass to la dolce vita!
2. Grand Canal. You're here because you love exploring by water so immerse yourself in the quintessential Venetian scene. One gondola ride from Ferrovia (the train station) to Piazza San Marco and you'll feel completely in synch with the rhythm of Venice.
3. Punta della Dogana (Customs House) sees the Grand Canal meet the lagoon. You can view San Marco, the Palazzo Ducale, and your fellow Venetian aficionados while you picnic in peace.
4. Campanile di San Marco offers a brand new perspective. As Venice's tallest bell tower, you will get aerial views you have to see to believe. Inhale deeply and remind yourself how nice life is from the top.
5. Palazzo Ducale, Venice's royal palace, is especially enticing to those with a dark side. Check out hidden torture chambers and secret passageways while imagining the building's subterranean history.

Drop Anchor

If you're fortunate enough to stay a while, you will be happy to know people do not easily tire of Venice's bridges, alleys, and canals. Cross hundreds of bridges and meander thousands of alleys while you take in the sound of classical music and church bells, clanking coffee cups, and tourists' conversations. Venice exudes the feeling that life is truly being lived upon its canals and cobbled streets.



Ravenna is home to priceless mosaics, which beautifully depict a time and place that can't be revisited. Look in Ravenna's museums, churches, and mausoleums for fine examples of mosaics. You can also head outside of town for a beach or just sight see around the town center's Piazza del Popolo.


Central Europe in sample-size. As chief seaport of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Trieste established ties to various cultures. Walk around Piazza dell'Unita d'Italia to witness the architectural, civilian, and culinary influences of many people including Austrians, Italians, and Slavs.

What was the most "colorful" aspect of Venice? Did you discover a new favorite dish? What would you spend more time doing on your next trip here? Let us know!

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